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Dec 16, 2007
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Feb 27, 1993 (Age: 23)


/me dabs, Female, 23

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back from vacation. please continue to direct all inquiries to birkal. Sep 9, 2015

    1. NatGeo

      I mean you could probably write the conclusion or get started on the section I haven't gotten to writing but w/e
    2. NatGeo
      Hey, my parents are making me do stuff with them so in probably not going to get around to writing it until about 7 or 8
    3. Steamroll
      yo, can't do anything for NU (including the tiercast) for like two weeks. Sorry for the inconveinience, but whenever you have the next tiercast or anything else good just VM me.
    4. Molk

      took all night but i finally wrote up eggy

      hard pressed to find CHECKS to that shit

      only counters i could find were sap sipper miltank and specially defensive murkrow xD

      574 Atk vs 317 Def & 424 HP (140 Base Power): 271 - 321 (63.92% - 75.71%)

      specs eggy leaf storm vs lickilicky

      910 Atk vs 317 Def & 424 HP (80 Base Power): 246 - 291 (58.02% - 68.63%)

      download boosted specs peezy tri attack vs lickilicky

      if it hits harder than porygon-z, im scared
    5. sandshrewz
      /me used Wall Stalk!

      Apparently ibo loves to change your CT :O
    6. sandshrewz
      n_n <--- your fav emoticon :O
    7. Steven Snype
      Steven Snype
    8. sirndpt
      /me slaps tennis around a bit with a large coughunfinishedsmogarticlescough
    9. Endorfins
      Thanks! Hope I can get Gardevoir done soon :p
    10. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      nineteen :o

      although not being able to tie your shoes kind of makes me think the opposite now
    11. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      thanks tennis! I still think you're old >_>
    12. Eos
      seriously though i think ur one of the coolest veterans around ^_^
    13. Komodo
      Me again, can you PM me what the featured NU RMT for The Smog will be, I'm supposed to be doing art for it.
    14. Komodo
      tennisace, can you re-approve this please :)
    15. Molk
      yea unless some irl problem comes up, im already halfway done with grumpig
    16. Molk
      4 days, i can do this, i hope
    17. Molk
      hey, jw is there i deadline on eggy on grumpig, im starting both right now
    18. Ice-eyes
      Hey, tennis. Still looking for tiercast volunteers? Can bring my smexy posh English accent :P
    19. v
      get OUT
    20. Molk
      okay, thats good! at least im not the only one thinking about it

      whos going to run it? im guessing you would play a big part.

      i would like to help out if i can
    21. Molk
      hey tennis, you know what id really like in NU, a dark horse challenge like the ones OU and RU have! i mean, the point of NU is to discover new strategies and underrated mons (such as things like muk, vileplume, and scraggy). it would also put a bit of competition into discovering new threats and playstyles. i think a dark horse challenge would be an excellent addition to the NU subforum to find more pokemon that are good in the NU metagame. just something to think about. if you like the idea i would be happy to run the challenge :).

      edit: 700th VM get
    22. YTP
    23. (makeup)
    24. erisia
      Hey tennis, I'm thinking of posting Defensive Luxray through QC, and was wondering whether it'd be better to go Impish with Wild Charge and Thunder Wave, or Bold with Discharge and Toxic. I'd like to know whether it's a good idea, and which STAB I should use in the main set. I've used the Wild Charge one and it's not bad.

      Alright, I think I'll do the Discharge one, been using it and it's pretty good :)
    25. CaptKirby
      why are you the worst mod ever
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    Feb 27, 1993 (Age: 23)
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    Whatever you want. Cash only no checks.
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    Impetuous and silly
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    0259 0773 7016
    im gay
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