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Jun 26, 2012
Jun 13, 2010
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Jun 26, 2012
    1. iFly
      Okay. :3 Just got on a computer now, so posting it'll be even easier. :P
    2. iFly
      Ew. I still can't copy-paste it. Would you mind PMing it to me? I can Quote and copy-paste your code into the Warstory thread and it'll have colors and stuff :P
    3. iFly
      Yeah, that'll work great for a title. I found only 3 corrections and I posted what they were in the Box. I'll post it as soon as you do that and add the code tags ^^
    4. iFly
      Aaaah, waitno; you should put YOUR comments first as we're using your log xD But putting mine second is fine if you like. But if you do, when you're done, put tags around it so that I can post it, please. ^^
    5. iFly
      Evening. :P It's 8 PM. Thanks so much for finishing what you needed ^^ I'll finish the log commentary and add percentages, props, slops, and my own introduction. If you could just do team sprites tomorrow, that'd be great (or any percentages I haven't done yet).

      EDIT: Holy crap. I looked at your full edit, it's AMAZING. I'll post my comments for each turn (Ex: I'll say something like "Turn 1: [commentary]" and you can insert them into the post.), and I'll write my half of the introduction. You can put your team at the start of the battle too, since the story's two-sided.

      Also, dammit D:< I was afraid to attack Zapdos with Borutorosu because I thought Zapdos had Lightningrod >_> I could have T-waved the thing, dammit...
    6. iFly
      Cool ^^ I managed to get on the computer now... I have, like, 5 turns of comments done. ...55 more to go! -.-
    7. iFly
      I'm not able to get on my computer right now. All I can do is comment (I'm on my iPod >_>).
    8. iFly
      MSN's fine. You can message me at ifly1221@hotmail.com ;3
    9. iFly
      Beep beep :) I found the log, lol. I have it here in chrome... but it's as a file in chrome so I can't show the thing to you :P D:<

      Do you have AIM, MSN, go on the wifi channel, or something? XD

      It's a shame that smogon doesn't do HTML tags :( I do NOT want to manually color all these turns -.- xD
    10. tawp64
      Happy Birthday!
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