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Texas Cloverleaf
Oct 23, 2009
Trophy Points:
Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 22)
    1. Bartman101
      Okily Dokily.

      I look forwards to our battle.
    2. Bartman101
      'Sup my sort of namesake? We have to battle 4 yon type reduction tourny. My timezone is GMT. I'm available 5-8:30pm weekdays, and 3-9pm weekends, but as early as 1pm if needs be. What time and day is good for you?
    3. Vratix
      what yaya said.
      my bad.
    4. yaya0
      just missed me by like 2 minutes!
    5. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      K, I'll take it. One of my other reffings has just finished anyway.
    6. Moo
      idk man, I just highlight the poke and click add link, worked for me
    7. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      I have added the extra paragraph in AC to my GP check, so you can go ahead and add it to the analysis.
    8. Rakan
      I would recommend at least writing up the other first before reserving another one. However, if Cryogonal is finished before you write up the other, you may reserve another one. Since the priority list is pretty short, and most of the RU-viable NU Pokemon have been added to the list, I'm gonna have to stick with this format so everyone has a chance to contribute, instead of a few people grabbing as many as they can.

      EDIT: It looks like CP finished his GP check, so once you implement that you may reserve another one.
    9. Joeyboy
      Love your avatar :) favorite disney short ever
    10. New World Order
      New World Order
      Oh sorry, I didn't read the posts ahead of me and the OP said that hitmonlee was unreserved.
    11. Box
      Okay, it's good, team sent.
    12. Box
      Who now?
    13. Galladiator
      Thanks. Forgot I had left a hide tag in there from the prize claim thread.
    14. Sprocket
      VGC2012/GBU is basically the same as Battle Subway doubles.
    15. Sprocket
      I've taken an interest lately in VGC2012/GBU Doubles. It's crazy fun.
    16. Sprocket
      Hey there Texas, yeah I took a few months off from Smogon to do other things.
    17. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      Single stagers cost 3 more TC than their listed rarity value; this means that Lapras would cost you 7.
    18. jas61292
      Yeah, i just got a message back saying that he was not really able to get to it and that I should DQ him. If you really want to finish, maybe you can work something out with him and finish it some other time, but if not, then I'll just post the DQ when I can get to it later today.
    19. Lemonade
    20. SimonSays
      Wassup. Your battle's up. =]
    21. jas61292
      Oh, I'm really sorry, I completely forgot about that. Though I don't believe I have gotten orders from BMZ yet. I'll send him a message and if don't hear back really soon, then I guess I will DQ him. Sorry again though, I probably should have reminded him sooner.
    22. yaya0
      We kinda have to get this done sometime.
    23. yaya0
      I'm available 6-10 ET most nights.
    24. Layell
      Your username has Texas in it but you're Canadian? Geez, but yeah Dief really dropped the ball on that. Someone really needs to make a list of all the times Canada has sucked up to the US that ought to be #1.
    25. JabbaTheGriffin
      talk about dumbasses leaking like dumbasses -_-

      oh well just hush up about it on the forums for now so we can TRY to avoid influencing voters as best as we can
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    Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 22)
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    A little quick tempered
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