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Texas Cloverleaf
Last Activity:
Jul 30, 2014 at 11:27 PM
Oct 23, 2009
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Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 19)

Texas Cloverleaf

meh, 19, from Ottawa

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Texas Cloverleaf was last seen:
Viewing forum ASB, Jul 30, 2014 at 11:27 PM
    1. Crim09
      Yes I know, I forgot the 2nd one so I left to clone it.
    2. Crim09
      Forgot the 2nd clone, brb with that.
    3. Dummy007
      I have another five minutes before I have to get ready for a band concert. Sorry for leaving earlier, but my computer decided to bail on me.
    4. Dummy007
      You bet! Let me jump on Smogon Server. You know my nick.
    5. Crim09
      yea I can do that.
    6. zdrup15
      thanks man!
    7. Crim09
      6-7 your time is 5-6 my time. that should work, just vm me during that time period and we can meet.
    8. Exploits
      Meet me on.
    9. SlimMan
      We should probably set up a time for this. Would the end of the week be good for you?
    10. Crim09
    11. Crim09
    12. Crim09
      I can give you two. As for the legality I do not know but I believe so. You can ask in the simple questions thread and figure out. Just send me a VM on what times work for you and I can set up to trade you.
    13. Crim09
      I have a modest one, but the ditto will have a premier ribbon. Cant clone via ar atm so I will use Pokecheck to do it. Just vm back if this is okay.
    14. SlimMan
      Ay, TL.

      I'll likely be under the name Meden.
      Although I've seen variations of my name, so if it's not that^^^, then it's prolly not me.

      I've seen you on the server, so I know you'll be Texas Cloverleaf.

      Just cuz I can: GMT -4.

      ugh. I hate predicting metagames.
    15. Zuzu
      Hey, you gave me a Blitzle which was already issued to me by Futachimaru :D Could you please change it?
    16. Lee
    17. -Manu-
      so I'm here if you want play ?
    18. -Manu-
      I'm on Pokemon online now if you want play on French Time server I'm here .
    19. Showsni
      Okay, I'll keep an eye out. I usually use Showsni, but I have a few random alts too (Clefairy_Says, Cat's Paw, Nidokingdratinido, Papa Westray...)
    20. Showsni
      Hey, looks like we've been drawn in the no weather tournament. When's a good time for you to play? I'm free most evenings GMT from about 5pm onwards, except for an hour or so to eat meals. I'm also free at the weekend. (Though it's my sister's birthday this weekend, so there might be a point when I'm not available; I'm also not available sunday evening).
    21. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Thanks for voting. Message deleted.
    22. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      Vote has been counted and I deleted the message for you, although there were only 6 votes so would you mind telling me which one didn't vote for?
    23. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      How about monday between 5 and 5:30pm? Weekdays would probably be best for me, and monday gives us plenty of time to reschedule if something comes up.
    24. Dark Ray
      Dark Ray
      The final round of the SPL2 is here, it all comes down to this, good luck.
      Some people might want to watch so lets try to arrange a time to battle, i'm free most of the time from 12pm to 12am (except sundays when i'm off in the evening) so VM me with a time+date that works for you.
    25. Its_A_Random
      I have tested. It works. Thank you (And Haunter).
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    Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 19)
    My Characteristic:
    Capable of taking hits
    BW Friend Code:
    4556 4102 9786
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