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Texas Cloverleaf
Oct 23, 2009
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Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 22)
    1. Son_of_Shadoo
      When're you free, Texas?
    2. TM13IceBeam
      Im in a hurry though, so make this quick
    3. Its_A_Random
      Hi there, your battle with Son_of_Shadoo is up! Best of luck for your battle, & you're up first!
    4. TM13IceBeam
      Hey hey. I have a suggestion. Turns out there's a school holiday next Monday, so I'll be staying at home the entire day. So we might be able to have our battle, but it's going to take past the deadline. You fine with that?
    5. Darkamber8828
      ._. you actually LOST 12 energy. I was really sleepy.

      Sorry. Fixed.
    6. TM13IceBeam
      pft. this should be mostly at nights(8+pm), which is prolly 7am+ on your side, that's really early in the morning fyi
    7. TM13IceBeam
      I dunno what kind of weird luck is this.

      Anyway, you and me are opponents for Round 7. This battle may or may not get underway because my timezone is fucking win(GMT+8), or whatever. Anyway, thanks to school(>.<) I have literally no time for the entire week except for at night, where my PO activity is very low(read: zero to maybe a bit).

      If I can't get this one done, I may need to call in a sub. So yeah, just saying. /more rageposts
    8. EEVEE3
      heading to PO now, see you there
    9. EEVEE3
      I have work today, so between 3 and 6 tomorrow then?
    10. EEVEE3
      Can we set a time to battle, because otherwise we might run out of time on the extension.
    11. Honko
      I saw you implemented part of my proofread before I finished. I'm done now, sorry it took so long.
    12. Athenodoros
      I can only check it once it has been put on the queue. I'll get it done tomorrow.
    13. EEVEE3
      Can we set a time on Sunday? Because Saturday I can't, or if you can get back to me before the end of today.
    14. Texas Cloverleaf
    15. Its_A_Random
      Hey Texas Cloverleaf, I need you to please alter this challenge for my White Scramble:
      Purrloin (Troll): Must shout out April Fools every time it attacks (God I'm going to get tired of saying that). Must know & keep Sucker Punch & False Swipe. Must solo two of Caitlin's Pokemon with said moves (Texas Cloverleaf)
      Troll can't learn False Swipe, tried teaching it False Swipe today & it came up as unable. Requesting the move to be changed. Thank you in advance.
    16. Steampowered
      Ummm... for BW it's 1 MC and all other it's 3 MC
    17. legendarymaster
      Pick it up now!
    18. Glacier Knight
      Glacier Knight
      i did, i finished reffing round four yesterday. blast hasn't sent it to me back and approved it yet
    19. Galladiator
      Hey, I can't battle right this minute, but in about 15-30 minutes I'll vm you and we'll get this done.
    20. Galladiator
      Okay. Monday should work, as I don't leave until Tuesday.
    21. Galladiator
      Hey, I'm back. We need to get this battle done ASAP. Does tomorrow afternoon work for you?
    22. Its_A_Random
      You need to specify Behemoth's ability in your battle against Steampowered
    23. Glacier Knight
      Glacier Knight
      haha don't worry i'm not that sick. just had to drive to pick up a friend's medication. i'm typing up action two of your round as i type this. i have nothing else to do today really so unless fire blast isn't on all day it should be up
    24. Objection
      Don't worry, I check this place regularly and frequently (especially since I now have 5 reffings).
    25. Objection
      You don't have to remind me every time you've done a round you know.
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    Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 22)
    My Characteristic:
    A little quick tempered
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    4556 4102 9786
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