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The Diverman
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Aug 25, 2016 at 6:34 AM
Feb 2, 2009
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The Diverman

from Chillville

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Viewing thread What do you want to do as a career?, Aug 25, 2016 at 6:34 AM
    1. AWailOfATail
      CAKE PARTY sorry I'm late
    2. AWailOfATail
      7 more posts! I'll bake u a cake (lol not really)
      1. AWailOfATail
        FOUR MORE
        Nov 2, 2013
      2. AWailOfATail
        Nov 10, 2013
    3. nerd
      This is a reminder that the qualifying round of the XY giveaway contest ends tomorrow.
    4. v
      the hooverman
    5. tape
      now it's all in my mind, dont leave me hanging! -3- a friend of jumpluff is a friend of mine.
    6. Bof
    7. PkmRngrBrad
      Thats awesome, yeah, my Bearded dragon is pretty lazy, my leopard geckos all have thier own personality but my crested geckos are probably my favorite. Im not nearly intelligant enough to handle all that fancy knowledge and education it would take to get a degree in anything. The most expensive part of volunteering is the plane ticket, there are alot that need people at all times, http://www.intiwarayassi.org/articles/volunteer_animal_refuge/become_a_volunteer.html is the link to the rescue in bolivia I am planning on going to, no turtles but lots og pumas and other jungle animals that need help. What kind of turtles did you have? in my area all I ever see is red ear sliders
    8. PkmRngrBrad
      Thats really cool, I am heading to south america in a couple months to volunteer with a couple organizations, and one of them is a turtle rescue. Can I ask what made you change your mind from being a herp? I have a few geckos and a beardie right now.
    9. PkmRngrBrad
      Sea turtles fucking rock, and "hero" seems to be a full waste of skin, but its really good that you took the time to stick up for give actual facts for the benefit of everyone else that reads that thread. Just wanted to say thanks!
    10. jumpluff
      Thanks for your posts in response to some hero. They made me really fucking angry -- I adore sea turtles and can't tolerate such staggering ignorance and indifference to the world around you. Hopefully others will take notice and educate themselves ^_^
    11. Avatar Korra
      Avatar Korra
      It was rape threads, not gay marriage.
    12. Outlaw
      Ah, well it's been decade and change since I played. I don't remember much aside from enjoying Outlaws special and hating Minion. Oh, and the eiffel tower stage kicked ass.
    13. Outlaw
      AoE Lightning so OP
    14. Outlaw
      Well, at least you picked one of the better characters.
    15. Outlaw
      What did you have to do?
    16. jrrrrrrr
      Nice sig, I will wear that like a badge of honor.
    17. Eppie
      ill battle NU if you want.
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