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The Knights of Wario Land
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Dec 13, 2014
Jan 30, 2012
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Aug 28, 1995 (Age: 22)

The Knights of Wario Land

22, from Philadelphia

The Knights of Wario Land was last seen:
Dec 13, 2014
    1. Agonist
      All right, my fc is 0647 9857 7617
    2. Agonist
      Hey, you want to pick those pokes up now?
    3. Sevrah

      The battle I had with you, and my first battle were the really only haxy battles I had, which dropped me down 0-2. I ended up getting 4-3 in the tournament. Idk if you consider my opponent pulling off x3 hurricanes in a Row hax, or just good luck on his part, but I would be 5-2 if he missed one of them.

      Regardless, it was fun, and I'll hope to see you in future competitions!

    4. Dozz
      Aha, that's cool man. I don't know of any Dozzants. Let me know how he does for you!
    5. Harsha
      alrighty, that's great :)

      i'll check it today then!
    6. Badal
      You should get this pushed through QC
    7. Lucien Lachance
      Lucien Lachance
      I'll take Roserade if you don't wanna finish it.
    8. JRank
      Have a badge
    9. Biosci
      Actually, the badge I got is pre-contributor which yeah is from the c&c work I've done.

      Well, if you know what counters/works well with the Pokemon, try explaining specifically why it works or how it helps the pokemon. Like don't just say "Zapdos is threatened by Terrakion" Say things like "Zapdos has tough time dealing with Pokemon, like Terrakion or other STAB Rock Slide users like it. To help deal with this Zapdos can pair with Garchomp, who can not only take a Rock Slide, but also retaliate with STAB Earthquake for the KO." I know that's not perfect grammar, but you should get the picture hopefully x.x
    10. Lucien Lachance
      Lucien Lachance
      KingofKongs Gavin.
    11. Alakapimp
      9. Don't use custom set names
      It's okay if you come up with a 'cool name' for a set that you've designed, but the name in most cases will not be used. Custom set names for sets get added to analyses after the fact if the community at large starts referring to those sets by the custom names. Good examples of this are DPP BritScor and DPP Tinkerbell. These sets were named after the fact, and the community embraced those names long before they were used in the C&C analyses.

      Noticed this in most of your analysis, be sure to follow this rule.
    12. TrollFreak
      ok, i'll look at it when i gety home
    13. TrollFreak
    14. TrollFreak
      if you need help with Torterra, i can help (wanted to do it lol)
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    Virginia 2014 Regionals- 7-2, Top Cut 15th Place
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    Aug 28, 1995 (Age: 22)
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