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The Quasar
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Dec 7, 2016 at 9:24 AM
Jul 27, 2012
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The Quasar

Male, from Italy

is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus
The Quasar was last seen:
Dec 7, 2016 at 9:24 AM
    1. Reymedy
      Okay, next week if you want.
    2. Nozzle
      you accidentally posted Chinchou twice in LC CCAT
      1. The Quasar
        The Quasar
        Oh Thanks a lot. Can you delete duplicate?
        Aug 27, 2013
    3. cbt
      still down to play today? (i cant now but i definitely can about 7 hours from this vm)
      1. The Quasar
        The Quasar
        Of course. I'll online at (my) 21.00, on #othermetas IRC Channel. See you later
        Aug 23, 2013
    4. cbt
      hey, you were subbed in to play me in the pu minitour. im gmt -4, and my available times are 12.45- 14.00 and from 21.00 onwards (all times in gmt +2)
      note that we also may have an extra day to complete our battle after tommorow's deadline
    5. Pocket
      sure, let's play tomorrow
    6. Celever
      I'll take your last 2 pokemon.
      1. The Quasar
        The Quasar
        Ok celever. Give me 20 minutes and I join #littlecup.
        Aug 14, 2013
    7. (makeup)
      I challenge you to LC Conquest >:D for Pawniard and Gastly
      1. The Quasar
        The Quasar
        I'll be on #littlecup as far as (my) 5.00 pm (I'm GMT +2) today. For conquest, I would Croagunk and Hippopotas
        Aug 13, 2013
    8. Pocket
      Thanks for the reminders, The Quasar! Sorry for not responding sooner.

      My time zone is EDT (GMT -4; currently 9:31 PM). How about we play on Thursday or Friday at around 3 PM my time (9 PM for you)? Let me know if this works.
      1. The Quasar
        The Quasar
        Don't worry, it's nice to hear from you!
        It sounds good, days and time (perhaps better Friday than Thursday, but at my 21.00 is perfect) it's ok. See you soon.
        Aug 12, 2013
    9. Celestavian
      I can play anywhere from 5-10 PM your time on the weekdys, so if you have a free day this week we can do it then, otherwise we can wait until the weekend.
    10. SoulWind
      im on reborn
    11. SoulWind
      we're paired for the nu tournament. im gmt +2 and im usually online in the mornings and afternoons, when would you like to play?
    12. Raseri
      thanks Quasar :)
    13. Delver
      ah shit. sorry i ended up not being around yesterday :/ sorry. Are you available around 3pm EST tomorrow?
    14. CrashinBoomBang
    15. (makeup)
      tomorrow sounds good to me
    16. (makeup)
      I can actually play now; the storm went away after like 10 minutes and the power is back
    17. (makeup)
      I can do them both but I would prefer thursday
    18. (makeup)
      sure, what date specifically is good for you? I'm always on irc if you want to meet me there
    19. Maaf
    20. Shuckleking87
      Thanks dude!!!!
    21. Porengan
      Thank you :)
      I will give my best to win the semi finals
    22. Honus
      i have no idea what pdt is, but uh i'll see what i can do, just have to finish up finals and then i'll see you on the weekend
    23. ryan
    24. The Quasar
      The Quasar
      Hi Honus,

      the deadline has been moved on Saturday June 1st at 8:00pm PDT. Tell me when you are available to play, considering our different time zones.
    25. The Quasar
      The Quasar
      I can play only on Pokemon ShowDown, now (Proxy Server problems). I could join principal server , nick The Quasar.
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    You can spend a lifetime, and, if you're honest with yourself, never once was your work perfect. (Charlton Heston)
    "Live long and prosper" (Leonard Nimoy aka Mr.Spock)

    Eccola la room italiana su Pokemon ShowDown


    My Characteristic:
    Good perseverance
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