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The Reptile
Sep 16, 2011
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June 9

The Reptile

420, Male

is a Pre-Contributor

420 Feb 18, 2015

    1. ebeast
      I was told to commence VM Spam. We need to do this quickly, even though he gave use 1 week he wants it done immidiately. This will convince you

    2. ebeast
      We were paired for NUlympics, and to prevent Keiran from getting mad at johning it would be great to get the match in as early as possible. Maybe even right now?
    3. Wyrms Eye
      Wyrms Eye
      Heh. There was a lot of inspiration went into that guantlet challenge: firstly hours of frustration as a kid navigating the tunnel blind in my youth (before I ever got flash) and secondly your small innocuous comment that said "Flash slave anyone?" Will be interested to hear how it went; I suspect there will be a fair few Hiker surprise moments in there, lol.
    4. Wyrms Eye
      Wyrms Eye
      Heh, sorry bout the confusion regarding your guantlet, I did read your previous posts but obviously didn't pay attention to the initial challenge schedule and just took the last post for granted. Anyways, look forward to seeing more of your updates, looks like your building a solid team!
    5. Jimera0
      Hey I have a question about the challenge you gave me. I need to know if I each solo only counts for one evolutionary stage, of if once I solo a gym / my rival with one Pokemon they can evolve as freely as KS' restriction allows.
    6. Deinosaur
      yeah i'm writing it to my attention span, and if its not video, its gotta be pics haha
    7. Deinosaur
      It's actually quite a lot of fun to do, and I'm glad people like it :D
    8. Deinosaur
      lol thanks for your comments on my LP n_n
    9. Zebraiken
      change that to smogon :x
    10. Zebraiken
      I'll be on Smogon in a minute.
    11. Zebraiken
      yeah wait actually i think i'll hold off and go get some sleep
    12. Zebraiken
      WELL this is 3AM for me right now, but are you willing to battle right now? :o
    13. Zebraiken
      Would you be available to play sometime today?
    14. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
    15. BattleStar
    16. Metal Bagon
    17. waterwarrior
      When you get this the reptile, please change your vote for the NU CCAT to either Miltank or Camerupt, we have to use you as a tiebreaker.
    18. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Could please turn items on so I can use my lucky Egg?
    19. BattleStar
      Dear Team Rocket Corporation member The Reptile,

      We would like to know why you have been inactive.

      We have many activities and things to participate that go on here in the Team Rocket Corporation; such as the Make-A-Move game, the Who's that Pokemon game, and our weekly newsletter The Modern Grunt, which is a very interesting and you can write for it yourself. Team Rocket Corporation offers on the competitive side as well. We are very into battles and hold Tournies and Giveaways. PO and Wi-Fi are both used in our group. We also have an excellent cafe that offers a mix of familiar food and drink items and items that are hand-sprited specifically for the cafe. It also functions as a spam room.

      We request you become more active because we do not want to boot you, but will if we have to.

      Sincerely, the Team Rocket Corporation Headquarters

      Team Rocket Corporation
    20. Mr.Mister
      Welcome to SMOGON!!!!!! Would you like to join Team Nova as your first social group?
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