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The Reptile
Sep 16, 2011
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June 9

The Reptile

Super Quantum Mecha Overlord Great Magnas is my cardfu, Male

is a Pre-Contributor
    1. sadoldpoygon22
      If you have time and a computer, can you go onto Poke Edit or Pokegen and make the gimmick sets that you posted in my group, then make a link to it on PokeGTS? I'd preferably have the Choice Specs Scizor and the Swords Dance Tentacruel sets posted, as we are aiming for at least 20-30 sets to have, otherwise our battles will stay limited to 3v3 battles instead of 6v6 battles. And please, be an active member of the group, I would like to see at least 1 active member, if not more.
    2. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      DreMMy-poo! Could you be a dear and suggest how I can get to play Super STAB?
    3. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Yeah, you can invite some people who are interested if If you want. I'm not sure if every will be able to show up(myself included, lol), but I VMd some people about the meet up. Still awaiting responses. I invited several people, EeveeGeneral included. We bothbmet up previously with a few others and discussed some stuff and battled
    4. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Hey, if you wanna play with us, we are at Pokecommunity server. I'm trying to organize a meeting @ 8:00 Central Time tommorow night. I'd like you to come playtest with us if you're up for it. Me, menace13, EeveeGeneral, and a few others have been playing.
    5. Lasagne
      Hi Dre :D
      im Lasagne21 :3
    6. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      But LC has tons of Eviolite and it isn't Stally. Although that might be down to the stats coming out different. It might be best to suspect it if this becomes a thing.
    7. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Well, there are Speed EVs. And Scarfs. And Natures.
      The question is whether to allow Eviolite. Part of me thinks no. But the other part of me is saying "UNLEASH THE CHAOS UPON SMOGON!" And it's really loud.
    8. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      DreMZ, my man! What do you think of this idea for a meta (I came up with it during a particularly dumb conversation on main)? Godmod! All Pokemon have all their base stats set to 120. Everything comes down to typing and movepool!
    9. Nollan
      The link keeps changing :x
      Well anyways, DSCAP is up, and NPM is pretty much done (apart from a few abilities which will likely be done soon anyways)
    10. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Yo, DreMZ. Any luck with the server-y thing? (I'm not pestering you, why do you ask?) Also, would you agree that Slowmons is at least 80% more MACHO than any other tier?
    11. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Yup, it's me. And on the bright side, at least there's a chance of someone competent coding it now.

      ...though I still think I could have made it work if everyone else wasn't constantly destroying the server.
    12. Champion Steve
      Champion Steve
      Saw Negative Meta. Wished I'd managed to get that code working before.
    13. sadoldpoygon22
      Alright, thanks! I was thinking of having them have those 7 colored dots on their faces and having the Regivolt to almost look like a giant battery with power jumpers on its back and for hands it could have Regigigas-like hands and he is yellow all over with thumpy or large feet and legs.
    14. sadoldpoygon22
      Hey, can you maybe help me with creating the designs of some created Regis (Grass, Fire, Water and Electricity)? I really cannot post any pictures or sprites and I have heard from many poeple that you're good wiith designs and artwork.
    15. Redew
      WOW that's a good sprite!
    16. ssbbm
      when can u play 4 cap
    17. HardCore
      Hey I need your paragraph in by This Thursday at 11:59 -5 GMT or else you will be automatically removed from the tournament. Please do your best!
    18. FireMage
      Hey Reptile, we've to battle for NUlympics. tomorrow would be optimal for me. I'll be on IRC most of the day my time (#pokemon, #Smogonwifi, #neverused and a few others). I beleive I'm gmt+1 (british summertime). So hit me up with a message on there - I almost always answer anything there.
    19. Taruzard
    20. Raseri
    21. Raseri
      we must battle for mini tour!
    22. ebeast
    23. ebeast
      I was told to commence VM Spam. We need to do this quickly, even though he gave use 1 week he wants it done immidiately. This will convince you

    24. ebeast
      We were paired for NUlympics, and to prevent Keiran from getting mad at johning it would be great to get the match in as early as possible. Maybe even right now?
    25. Wyrms Eye
      Wyrms Eye
      Heh. There was a lot of inspiration went into that guantlet challenge: firstly hours of frustration as a kid navigating the tunnel blind in my youth (before I ever got flash) and secondly your small innocuous comment that said "Flash slave anyone?" Will be interested to hear how it went; I suspect there will be a fair few Hiker surprise moments in there, lol.
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