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The Shiny Trainer
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Feb 2, 2015
Jan 21, 2011
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The Shiny Trainer

from why do you want to know?

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Feb 2, 2015
    1. Renosaur
      Yeah, but scarfed rotom would've finished the rest of your team off. Donphan would've roared out Rhyperior when it rock polished. GG
    2. dude569
    3. Tepig
      Yeah lets just UU see you on
    4. joo
      im so sorry, the power went down.
      want to repeat? ill bring the same team
      btw smogon is so slow today
    5. joo
      it's ok it happens
    6. joo
    7. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      wow I got no crits and one would have won me the game, but you get one on your third surf
    8. izzy28
      he would not have died with 2 cc u got a crit n i lived then u killed i would have roost n brave bird
    9. izzy28
      x3 bp super effective might have killed and i had heatran left n i dont remember now but i know u had a lot of hax
    10. izzy28
      come on man u get so much hax n i still rape u with scizor n dc u a lame
    11. izzy28
      we battled b4 n i said u could use ubers lol its cool jus jokin
    12. GEncore
    13. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      yeah hax is hax but the crit on t-tar mattered
    14. truevillany
      tell me when u wanna battle again btw
    15. truevillany
      yea it is... but it does take some time to be able to do it efficiently....
    16. truevillany
      all u do is buff up and keep baton passing back and forth to u lvl 100s, then protect ur low lvl pokemon behind a sub, and allow them to wreak havoc... honestly, i should create a lvling guide... i dont know of anyone else who doeswhat i do...
    17. truevillany
      a lucky egg is an item that u can steal from wild chansey.... it multplies the experience earned from a pokemon by 1.5. i have a lvl 100 vaporeon with surf, baton pass, aqua ring, and substitue.... a lvl 100 ninjask with swords dance sunny day baton pass and xscissor, and a ambipom with nasty plot, baton pass and agility... even @ low lvls... if u batton pass ur pokemon buffs that max out speed and att or sp att, even if they are half the lvl of the elite 4 pokemon, hey can usually 1 shot them... with a lucky egg attached, this allows u to lvl at a veryy fast rate...
    18. truevillany
      like i said let me know if u need anything bred... it will help u lvl them up if they are rtrade pokemon... and with a lucky egg... ur in an even better situation....
    19. truevillany
      i understand why people do it... but once u get a few baton passers that can buff ur pokemon... and a lucky egg... u can repeatedly run though the elite 4 and lvl a pokemon from 1-100 in about 5 hours...
    20. truevillany
      people who use pokesav suck... i breed everything by hand... yea its a pain in the ass but @ least if i ever wanted to use my pokemon in a tourny i actually could... those with pokesav cant.. not to mention i have so many diff pokemon with diff moves breeding is pretty easy for me... if u need something bred let me know i breed for tms and pp ups.....
    21. truevillany
      well actually... that was a bulky dd gyarados there is not telling if he could take out skarm after only 1 dd... max def max hp with an impish nature... gimme like 10 mins i gotta eat and ill be back to battle again..
    22. truevillany
      yea u might have got a flinch and then it would have ben gg for skarm!
    23. truevillany
      and btw if u want to fight ANOTHER one of my ou teams besides the new one i am trying out... let me know...
    24. truevillany
      its all good i can use yet another ou team... matter of fact i am trying to assemble a new one being that i just got my celebi to lvl 100.... the team may suck, but i would like to try it... to see how good it is...
    25. truevillany
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    D/P FC:3868 2863 9118
    B/W FC:4513 0448 9195
    I use the legal hacks and dream world abilities
    shedinja can learn sandstorm


    why do you want to know?
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    3868 2863 9118
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