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The Shiny Trainer
Last Activity:
Feb 2, 2015
Jan 21, 2011
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The Shiny Trainer

from why do you want to know?

The Shiny Trainer was last seen:
Feb 2, 2015
    1. truevillany
    2. truevillany
      blah... i need ur fc gain
    3. truevillany
    4. truevillany
      ok tell me when u are ready...
    5. truevillany
      i got a anti lead metagross.. it is great aginst some... and a liability against others... if u want to fight another one of my teams... i can show u how he... and another ttar set works...
    6. Google Knight
      Google Knight
      I dont see you :s I've deleted u qand added again but I still dont see u
    7. Google Knight
      Google Knight
      ok, adding and going there
    8. Google Knight
      Google Knight
      c'mon im there
    9. Bentyhunter
      sorry mate got called in to work at the last minute and had to jet. battle some other time :)
    10. truevillany
      i find coice scarf ttar is the most effective... hes fast as shit.... he can trap psychics and ghosts with pursuit... and with his hit and run nature of being scarfed, he can avoid alot of counters... u just need rapid spin support to use his well... also i have a max hp max sp def sassy natured ttar... h e is an amazing special tank that can shrug off special attacks almost as well as blissey (when there is a sandstorm) but he can also hit hard as shit even without investment in attack
    11. truevillany
      are u serious? max attack life orb dragonite only takes of 61 hp with extreme speed? that is gay...
    12. truevillany
      my example is why i dont use that ttar... he takes a lot of skill and a fully scouted team to be safe to sweep... granted he is a beast... but relies on either a bad team match up for ur opponent... or really good scouting and playing around those weaknesses... u pretty much have to make ur team be able to support his sweep...
    13. truevillany
      yea but thats not the point... u wanna SWEEP with that ttar... not take out just scizor.... for example... u come in... take a little sr damage... use dd on ur oponents switch into scizor...he takes off that damage u just talked about... u ko him with fire punch... and then ur oponent brings in their scarded pokemon and takes out ur weakended ttar... if u have gotten rid of ur opponents scarfed pokemon.. .then it would work... but if u dont... then all ur ttar has done is taken out scizor...
    14. truevillany
      u sure? ttar's max hp is 404 and after the 2nd eq... i know for a fact u did not have a quarter of ur life... i though u barely held on and regained a little with leftovers... but if that is the case u are right i would not have been able to extreme speed him...
    15. truevillany
      scizor can switch into a + 2 eq and bullet puch u and ko u... that is why as long as scizor is gone, dd ttar is awesome... but with the popularity of scizor and metagross... all having very hard hitting bullet punches... dd ttar has too many faults for my team... i have one and its hard to find a spot on my team b/c it is so weak to bullet punch... it takes some skill to have a dd ttar...
    16. truevillany
      and you ae right... i just looked it up... that + 2 ttar would have outsped gardevoir.... but u prolly would not have been able to get 2 off... only reason i took some time to lay down spikes is b/c u missed that 1st stone edge... if u had not... i would have kept eqing... and as weak as he was after 2 eqs... life orb dragonite can come in and finish him off w/ extreme speed.. even though its not very effective...
    17. truevillany
      yea it depends on what ur team needs... flygon is always a good choice as he is weak to stealth rock and avoids ground attacks... its just that and btw... why in the HELL does that dd tyranitar NOT have fire punch? that would have prevented me from stopping ur sweep... forced me to put in swampert... who would have taken out ttar but not before being severely weakened by crunch... u need fire punch on that set to avoid being beaten by that forretress set u saw... or to kill the inevitable scizor switch in...
    18. truevillany
      yea unfortunately... and timid gardevoir w/ scarf still outspeeds +2 speed tryanitar... only problem is i was likely to miss with focus blast...
    19. truevillany
      also... that swampert is max defense with a relaxed nature.... he can take some punishment... it prolly wasnt even min damage to be honest
    20. truevillany
      meh.... even though the misses suck.... i would have just eq'd again if u had not missed as far as min damage on swampert.... choice band staraptor and choice scarf gardevoir prolly would have handled the rest of ur team... u played well though.... did the best u could.... only problem is too many buffers... if u got rid of gyarados or tyranitar, and not wasting time buffing instead of pressuring me... u prolly would have actually won.... gg though...
    21. Tacoz4Lunch
      iight thanx.
    22. Tacoz4Lunch
      you mind if i upload that battle.
    23. Google Knight
      Google Knight
      okay, I hope this time doesnt crash
    24. Tepig
      Sorry i had to go do something GL
    25. Tepig
      That happens to me sometimes you have to leave the room then go back
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    I use the legal hacks and dream world abilities
    shedinja can learn sandstorm


    why do you want to know?
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