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Jul 28, 2016 at 1:59 AM
Jun 9, 2007
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Apr 29, 1993 (Age: 23)
Atlanta, GA


In the end, screaming King Dedede is still my one true love, Male, 23, from Atlanta, GA

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once a "week" Dec 10, 2015

TheMantyke was last seen:
Jul 28, 2016 at 1:59 AM
    1. ryan
    2. Hulavuta
      Yes, that's me. But don't tell anyone :O I must remain a mystery
    3. Killah
    4. Layell
      Well I have to now!
    5. Shame That
      Shame That
      you are a god
    6. Killah
      nuts and bolts? or is that a standalone game?
    7. Killah
      it's not threeie or whatever so it's probably a sequel to the one on the xbla sadly :(
    8. Killah
      i've never even played banjo-tooie

      feels bad man
    9. Jimera0
      We have a hangout going on atm if you're interested, actually got a fair number of people in there.
    10. SP-Eevee
      Thanks again for the Pokemon you provided me for the UK nats, came 7th. :)
    11. Nova
      haha nice!
    12. Nova
      deoxys ex o.o
    13. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      how do you make eddy's gif in your signature change all the time ?
      also what makes my paragraph so great ?
    14. DHR-107
      Cheers man :) I'm so happy and honoured to have received it!
    15. Layell
    16. GlassAbsol
      N'er mind I got it
    17. GlassAbsol
      Hey, how do I embed Youtube videos on smogon. I looked for how tos on BBCode but it's late and I can't. help all mighty mod
    18. SMZ
      Are you the one with blue wig?
    19. Calm Pokemaster
    20. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      just checking, but your smog article is indeed ready for its next GP check rite??
    21. Princess Emily
      Princess Emily
      That's fine I guess
      Besides, maybe being a mod is hard :p
    22. OVERGRO
      Done. I just went through and saw approximately 10 hacks, and changed them to private. They were really stupid like I said, stuff like Garchomps with 0/31/0/0/0/31 IVs. That or pokemon that people traded me over the 4th gen GTS haha.

      Finally there were my 3 legendary roamers from FR/LG. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=4138961
      They have a ton of 0 IVs, but all three are 100% legit, I caught them myself. Who knew 3rd gen Kanto roamers had such low IVs?

      Hopefully now the admin will understand and I can have all my public pokemon back. Not really too much harm done... there were ~40 downloads between the pokemon I privatized/deleted.

      Thanks again for checking! I would have never found this out on my own, that's for sure :/
    23. OVERGRO

      I'll go through my uploads now then. A lot of them were pokemon I was experimenting with many years ago in Gen 4 that I decided to transfer to my cart. When I made them public, it was because I just checked everything off and made them public too, because with all the hacks on pokecheck and the legality analysis I figured it was alright.

      I'll look through, and if it means my pokemon can be public again (because not that many are my childish self's failed hacks) I'll make them private. If I have to delete them so be it I suppose, I'm going to look now and privatize all my old hacks.
    24. OVERGRO
      Thank you! I have over 2600 downloads on my pokemon (and more than 285 more pokemon I'd like to share with the world haha) and I'd love if I didn't have to "start all over."

      Thanks again, please get back to me if you figure it out :))
    25. OVERGRO
      Hi Mantyke

      Can you help me troubleshoot my pokecheck please? Whenever I bring it up in the shoutbox I either get ignored or I get "wtf you have 300 public pokemon wtf"

      So basically I have over 300 public pokemon (just randoms I wanted to preserve). However, whenever I search @OVERGRO on the pokecheck search box I get only 16 pokemon. No matter which way I search it, only these 16 pokemon (who have multiple OTs from my various games) show up.

      I've tried unchecking and then rechecking off the "public" boxes and saving the public/private status. What else can I do? It's been like this for a few weeks :(

      For example http://s16.postimg.org/jk9j5m2ut/Untitled.jpg

      You can see they're checked off, but you can't see them when you search me
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    Apr 29, 1993 (Age: 23)
    Atlanta, GA
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    Sturdy body
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