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Oct 22, 2016 at 9:49 PM
Jun 9, 2007
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April 29
Atlanta, GA


Male, from Atlanta, GA

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once a "week" Dec 10, 2015

TheMantyke was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 22, 2016 at 9:49 PM
    1. Buckert
      Lovely giveaway mate! Nice to see other people completing a completed RNG Pokédex haha. I remember I caught my first RNG abused Pokémon on HG, dec. 1st 2010! Such a long time already.
      1. TheMantyke
        Hey thanks! Yeah, it was pretty fun to complete. I remember doing like 20 in one day back in January 2012 to round it off for random stuff in bw, lol. Really miss it when it comes to SRing for stuff in gen 6 :(
        Apr 10, 2016
    2. Theorymon
      Sorry I was on a mad battle spot ladder rush when you PMed me. Sure, that Raichu of yours would make an excellent donation! Just tell me when a good time for you is.

      (P.S.: Said Ladder rush was successful: I actually got #1 worldwide on Battle Spot Special XY :D)
    3. Killah
    4. BlackYoshi485
      i love your avatar :)
    5. Steven Stone
      Steven Stone
      If you don't keep your promise i'll kill you :P
    6. Take Azelfie
      Take Azelfie
      don't want to make you feel rushed to give me an answer but what is the situation with the 2016 analysis stuff?
      1. Ksh13
        it will happen when the moderation team and qc feel like we and other people know enough about the metagame to actually write something sensible. It will possibly happen early January, but that's just guessing.
        Dec 12, 2015
    7. TheMantyke
      once a "week"
    8. Mishimono
      are you done with smogon?
    9. Trelloant
    10. Ksh13
      nooo they alumned u ;_;
    11. DHR-107
      ;_; Come back
    12. Luxpluff91
      HI Mantyke, I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this (if it isn't, do let me know), but I'm having trouble with one of my posts in my thread. I cannot edit it all - always returns an "oh no, there is a problem with Smogon" error. The other posts work fine, but post #7 doesn't. Who should I contact for help? Thanks :)
      1. The Dutch Plumberjack
        The Dutch Plumberjack
        if you still need help, that's an error with the bb code where you didn't close something off properly and it tries to auto-fix itself, multiplies itself ad infinitum in the process, and so causes the post to hit the character limit (if that makes sense lol). occasionally happens if you're adding a lot of fancy stuff. reverting your post to a previous (stable) version works and any wi-fi mod can help you with that, if it's been a while and the post's edit history has been removed you might have a bit of a problem :T
        Oct 29, 2015
      2. Luxpluff91
        I see, thanks for the answer! It might have been a while, yea, I was inactive for a couple months. I'll seek help from .com or another Wi-fi mod.

        Thanks again for the answer, I appreciate it
        Oct 29, 2015
    13. Steven Stone
    14. Jimera0
      Reminder that streams are on Saturdays now
    15. Jimera0
      hey, been thinking of moving stream to Saturday since it seems to fit everyone's schedule better. Would you be able to make it to streams again then?
    16. Steven Stone
      Steven Stone
      Man, the IRC link posted on your signature for #SmogonVGC links me to SSB. I'd fix that.
    17. Steven Stone
    18. Navimeister
      Hey there themantyke, Jedi and Esmeya sent me here. I looking for some help in getting back into pokemon tcg
    19. Steven Stone
      Steven Stone
      Did i see Japan Nats at worlds stream? Lol jk
      Btw, got any plans for VGC Open Tours next week? Or do you prefer to wait till next season starts?
      1. TheMantyke
        I'm going to wait until a new rule set is released. We won't have really anything new to play with until then and I'd like to spend weekends focusing on school now that its back.
        Aug 23, 2015
    20. TheMantyke
      I've dialed back my activity. If you need me, leave me a VM or PM and I'll try and check in once a week to get things done.
    21. DaAwesomeDude1
    22. Steven Stone
      Steven Stone
      Why can't i be as good as you? ;;
    23. Zebraiken
    24. biggie
      In store pre-orders for Retro Amiibo 3 Pack (DHD, ROB and Game & Watch) for 34.99 on Aug. 8th at Gamestop
    25. Level 51
      Level 51
      Hey, if you don't mind could I get my HP Ice Rotom back from you sometime? I'm considering using it on the ingame ladder. Thanks!
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      2. Level 51
        Level 51
        Can we maybe try to get this trade done sometime this weekend? I'll be on around my morning-early afternoon (GMT+8), hopefully I can catch you on irc
        Aug 27, 2015
      3. TheMantyke
        Okay, I'll try to be mostly on irc the next few days
        Aug 27, 2015
      4. Level 51
        Level 51
        hey so in the end I just bred and EV'd a new HP Ice Rotom, so you can keep that one I guess :3
        Sep 2, 2015
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