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Dec 2, 2013
Aug 8, 2010
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Dec 2, 2013
    1. Asmodean
      Excellent essay! Keep it going!
    2. Expulso
      such heuristics
      very cognitive bias
      so long
    3. whistle
      HEY uchicago!! i had keysar for mind... pretty awesome prof
    4. ck49
      interesting article. Sorry it got locked, though it was definitely, at first sight a tl;dr type thing. Of course, the problem is, running a bunch of trick sets isn't going to get you far. I, when I still played, battles a ton of trick sets on the ladder and although they occasionally work, once they pull their stunt, its pretty useless. Its also weaker than normal and if someone knows enough about the sets they could realize that a certain attack should have done more damage and realize its not a choice set. 20% or 30% difference in damage is pretty big. While laddering, you are also likely to find the same player several times, especially when you get high up there. While trick sets work in tournaments where you only use the team once or twice, I'd hardly call them reliable due to all the things which could go wrong.
    5. DawnHikari
      wifi is giving me problems today. maybe another time.
    6. DawnHikari
      idk why it droppped but im going back on
    7. takeru1
      It doesn't matter to me, but I don't like battling someone twice in the same day. We'll go again some other time.
    8. takeru1
      Sigh. I really got haxed up. I'd like a rematch sometime.
    9. therockerboy161
      sorry forgot about the other pokemon being asleep =\
    10. Ericcc
      Hurry up -___-
    11. FenrirXIV
      Hey, we're suppose to battle, right? I'm already online.
    12. Starbuck
      Gg, sorry for stalling at the end.
    13. xMistyx
      Good Game, I hope to battle again sometime
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    My FC is 3352 9054 3323. I'm up for any OU or UU battles anytime.

    I use legal hacks, just like all the rest of you. :)
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