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Jun 2, 2013
Jun 11, 2012
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Jun 2, 2013
    1. malomyotismon
      thanks the only issue is, genesect. this team is built for playing suspect and whats going to be a geneless metagame so i can't use him X.D
    2. malomyotismon
      hmmm I notice your relativly new here and i observed your post of late and i wonder if you'd help this old timer and see if you know your stuff and rate my team, some moron just posted a horrifc post full of mistakes and u's instead of you's. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3474824
    3. TheStriker
      Thanks Bro! Dude, should I make a POTW like you except Item of the Week, lol.
    4. Superpowerdude
      Nice! Im doing pretty good in all of mine especiall psychology i have just been muckimg around in maths. this year so i will do shit haha also i finished the request so your team is next! if your lucky i might be able to rate it before the weekend!
    5. Superpowerdude
      Sure as my signature said i cant take requests now (i have to study for exams) I will still rate your team just dont expect it soon. Also i have a previous rmt request i have to rate first
    6. Arcticblast
      Dude, HELP that guy with the Charizard/Parasect, don't tell him he's shit >_>

      Also, Scarf Magnezone is actually outclassed by Magneton in that role, because Magnezone can't oustpeed Starmie, Tornadus-T, +1 Dragonite, +1 Gyarados, and several other Pokemon.
    7. badzx
      hey i got a idea! latios for your OU team thing go on that page to see what i said
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