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Oct 26, 2016 at 7:40 AM
May 4, 2010
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proudly reppin' 1 superbowl win since DEFLATEGATE, Male

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Oct 26, 2016 at 7:40 AM
    1. vonFiedler
      On the contrary, I don't feel that outside of this visitor message you've tried to explain yourself at all. You started off by saying that we shouldn't compare two animation studios, no more than that, two heist movies, which falls pretty neatly within "other things that are similar" by your own admission. However yes Transformers can be compared to the Notebook for the same reason that PM can be compared to live action by its creator, in the same way that we can compare movies to tv shows which helps us establish rules of medium. In examining my thoughts on movies as a medium, I've found myself comparing Princess Mononoke and Silver Linings Playbook. You could probably have facetiously thrown out those two movies just as much as any other comparison, but in putting these two movies back to back I actually came to some radical conclusions as to how I feel about the medium as a whole.

      And that's me going out of my way to explain myself way more than you ever do, and frankly it's for your own damn good this time. I may not like all of your opinions, but now I can see how you form them all so poorly. You are limiting yourself by creating artificial barriers when evaluating art, which hurts you as an art consumer (let alone if you are an artist yourself, I forget). By all means watch Transformers and The Notebook back to back and compare and contrast what each does well and differently.

      Also Wall-E and PM are both pro-environmental message movies, which I have seen compared in academia.
    2. vonFiedler
      Bluewind was trolling too. Hey here's a secret, I know the difference between masterful and jeb. The question still bears asking; why are people treating them differently when in the end they both shit all over the thread with useless posts? "Oh, he's just a troll, it's cute". Last time I checked, that sort of 4chan shit was pretty heavily reviled here. So if he wants to act like masterful I'll treat him like that.
    3. vonFiedler
      You said yourself, they are trolls. They are being purposefully retarded, I called them out on it. The idea that trolls cannot have their feelings hurt is an insane myth of the internet that runs counter to some of the most basic human psychology. Fuck, I was once banned from a website for "counter-trolling with teeth". But I'm not keen on getting banned here, or even getting modded, so I was just making the point for the points sake. Again, it's not like I haven't expounded on the nuances of Ahri before.
    4. vonFiedler
      Also, to shoot the shit, the thing about informal fallacies is that they are not by definition incorrect. They certainly can be, and the whole point is that they don't work as the foundation for an argument.

      For instance, if my friend Morgan says "1+1=3" and I respond with "You are wrong, because you are an idiot," that's ad hominem. If I said instead, "Actually 1+1=2, and you are an idiot," now that's just a good old fashioned insult.
    5. vonFiedler
      So how are gonna hash things out really? Cause even the last time you agreed with me you made color comments about it. I wouldn't extend an olive branch over it except that I really have no ill-feelings towards you, I enjoy arguing this shit and gushing about my champs. So what's the problem?
    6. az

    7. CaptKirby
      and actually the Seahawks are relatively well off - the dome at home is only 72/28 to win (although this is a pretty great rate for postseason), actually relatively normative as far as w/l goes for HF (it has more implications for dogs and gambling in general than w/l), dome on the road is a lot more brutal (my version of it was 82% w/l coming into this season and is up to like 84% based off a 4-0 run so far since week 17)
    8. CaptKirby
      dude it is no sweat, even the nearly infalliable me cannot cite EVERYTHING in the world correctly, the dome thing I am citing is totally correct but yeah you got me

      I just have the dome thing saved in the form of ((o:team = Texans) or (o:team = Lions) or (o:team = Falcons) or (o:team = Saints) or (o:team = Vikings) or (o:team = Colts) or (o:team = Cowboys) or (o:team = Cardinals) or (o:team = Rams)) and some other nonsensical python stuff to go with it, so while I loosely remember everybody top of my head, it is not like I have an ordered alphabetical list in my mind :P

      (this list wins me lottssss of playoff money)
    9. Killah
      can't even begin to explain that... Peyton/Tannehill/Luck/Bradford/Newton don't have particularly spectacular rushing attacks in either pure volume of attempts or effectiveness with those attempts. Cassel/Fitz aren't surprising at all, and Rodgers is so good that he'll take advantage over the slightest edge over the defense. maybe that's the only reason Peyton's up there too?

      how does Drew Brees compare with play action? iirc they were very effective out of play action last season when they could actually run the ball, but considering they've been a terrible rushing team this season I'd imagine his YPA is hardly improved from non-play action to play action.
    10. Killah
      those are exactly the three guys I'd expect to be up there too

      damn though, I'm surprised that RGIII is THAT far ahead of everyone else though.

    11. Gabe
      1. what's funny about that, it's akin to people finding humor in so called "speech ebonics"
      2. I don't see the merits of cynicism in this world, but this is a philosophical difference between us
    12. Gabe
      FYI Mexican isn't a language so unless you're a racist for future reference it's called "Spanish"
    13. jumpluff
    14. jumpluff
      { 03:42:54 AM } <&lynne> valk
      { 03:43:04 AM } <&lynne> i want you to beat me up so you can buy me expensive presents the day after and bring me flowers
      { 03:43:06 AM } <&lynne> deal?
      { 03:43:09 AM } <pookar> he left
      { 03:43:10 AM } <&lynne> WOW
      { 03:43:11 AM } <&lynne> FUCK VALK
    15. jumpluff
      I love your deadpan sense of humour.
    16. jumpluff
      { 03:33:15 AM } * TheValkyries (Mibbit@61875A45.E5A800B8.E61DDE97.IP) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
      { 03:33:18 AM } <&lynne> ..
      { 03:33:21 AM } <&lynne> i tabbed in here
      { 03:33:23 AM } <&lynne> to talk to valk even

      Too bad I forgot a minute later what I wanted to say.
    17. Killah
      Me and some hero are bffs
    18. jumpluff
      Haha, your description of yourself as a user (and how you've 'changed') simultaneously... surprises me and doesn't surprise me at all, Valk :P I mean that it doesn't surprise me that you questioned everything no matter how established the conclusion or the user(s) drawing it were, but it surprises me people could get along badly with you x)
    19. Gengan
      Thank god. I almost took some one seriously over the internet.

      And we all know what happens when I do that.
    20. Aldaron
      I always do ^_^
    21. Aldaron
      I recommend you have a great evening.
    22. some hero
      some hero
      First, you are a god among nortals when it comes to football.

      From the Naruto thread, in case you missed it:

      By the way, do you read One Piece? A very well written manga(with real foreshadowing!) that not only has remained CONSISTENT through its 10+ year run but has actually improved as the writer slowly lost his mind.

      Do you read it? It is a Shonen, like Naruto. Tell me if you don't so i can convince you.
    23. Mforz
      Hey,we have to battle for smogon tournament.Wanna battle today at night?I'm -8 GMT
    24. CaptKirby
      Christ you are dumb. Putting you on my ignore list, getting on with life.
    25. sax king
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