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Oct 1, 2010
Apr 10, 2010
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Jul 31, 1996 (Age: 20)
Wherever the heck you're not.
    1. Wolfey
      ok remind me what the trade was again?
    2. Wolfey
      ready to complete our trade?
    3. Warlock69
      Hey mate,
      Pokewish said you could make banners (:
      Could you do some for me?
    4. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Umm, I just looked at the giveaway page, there is a *Full Redis* by sophies name.
    5. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Alright, I'll let her know. Thanks
    6. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Hey I finally opened up a trade thread here, I listed your Smeargle from the giveaway, just letting you know. Let me know if that description of it in my thread is good. Link is in the sig
    7. Riski
      You're welcome. :-)
    8. Riski
      You're SID is 45758
    9. Riski
      You need to go back out of wifi, get a garbage pokemon and come back in, because I throw these pokes away after I check for your SID.
    10. Riski
      Any of your pokemon from your game cartridge will work for the AR code, so don't waste your zubat on me.

      Chances are you just did your SID calculations incorrectly with the zubat.
    11. Riski
      Yes, we can do that now. What's your FC?

      Use my Pearl FC 3051 7477 9187
    12. caruto
      I've got 5 rare candies. Are you willing to part with Vaporeon's Shiny Vaporeon for them?
    13. Rabbit
      I keep missing you! I'll be available pretty much all day tomorrow - want to set up a time to trade me the NNed Smeargle?
    14. Mihawk
      btw, sorry to be a bug, but can I get an ubers banner too? I seem to have ofrgotten it :\
    15. Mihawk
      Like the kind in PokeWish's Thread please :D
    16. Mihawk

      I would like them all this size BUT the welcome banner .

      The welcome banner, I would like to be the same size as the one in your shop !: ) but also the welcome banner needs to be about Mihawk if thats not too hard :)
      Thanks again!
    17. Mihawk
      Okay, so what I need is ,

      -Welcome Banner
      -Summary Banner
      -Redis Banner
      -OU banner
      -BL banner
      -UU Banner
      -NU Banner
      -Wants banner
      Sorry i know its alot but it would be much appericated if this were to be done! thanks in advance !
    18. ankyfdarkness
      That is correct.
    19. ankyfdarkness
      Thanks for the trade.;)
    20. ankyfdarkness
      Alright then see you on after wards. VM me when you are finished.
    21. ankyfdarkness
      I understand how the internet can let you down.:P But if you are ready to trade I can do it now. Please use my platinum FC. And remember that the crobat has semi-redis rights, you can trade it, the person you traded to can not.
    22. Jio
      Ok cool no problem
    23. Jio
      Hey did you receive a Smoochum from that giveaway yet? I noticed you were a winner but wasn't sure if you got it yet.
    24. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Oh, nevermind, you mean send to him. Sure, I'll get him when he comes online
    25. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Ummm, what do you mean by can you get monsoon beast? You mean the user?
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    Jul 31, 1996 (Age: 20)
    Wherever the heck you're not.
    Real Name:
    DP Friend Code:
    0560 1548 8217
    HGSS Friend Code:
    2278 8822 8400
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