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Nov 25, 2015 at 12:51 PM
Aug 16, 2009
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Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 21)
Student (Music Education)


Never practice; Always perform., Male, 21, from Milwaukee

TPO3 was last seen:
Nov 25, 2015 at 12:51 PM
    1. Kelsey
      Ok thank you
    2. Kelsey
      Hey, I'm GMT+1 and I'm also available almost everyday in the evening/afternoon. Since our timezones don't correspond very well, do you think you could be available earlier ?
    3. kokoloko
      wednesday at 9 EST is fine
    4. kokoloko
      nah i'm not feeling up to it at the moment, can we play an hour before now tomorrow?
    5. kokoloko
      Alright. You're pretty active in #genvuu iirc, so just shoot me a PM when you see me online.
    6. kokoloko
      We play for the UU mini-tournament. I'm EST and I can pretty much only play after 8 PM this upcoming week because I work every day, so unless you can find me Sunday morning, we'll have to do it then.
    7. Level 51
      Level 51
      We can play now, if you're on?
    8. Level 51
      Level 51
      Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I've been trying to just catch you online. I'm GMT+8, and basically I'm free more or less 11am-10pm every day (my time; this is 10pm-9am your time).
    9. Ernesto
      If you mean 2 in your time zone, then yea, I'll be online. PS! alt is slowbrotest
    10. Ernesto
      I'm back baby!! :D I hope it continues to be so, I had my brother write the last two messages to you for me lol. Whenever you feel like it, we can have our match. Btw, what did my brother say to you? "if by this time tomorrow I still can't connect, you can be declare yourself the winner..." lol
    11. Ernesto
      the problem with my internet connection isn't fixed yet... if by this time tomorrow I still can't connect, you can be declare yourself the winner...
    12. Ernesto
      unfortunately, there's a problem with my internet connection, so I won't be able to play against you today, but I hope it'll be fixed for tomorrow
    13. Ernesto
      Luckily, I'm GMT-3, so I don't think we'll have trouble scheduling the match. I currently have a lot of free time since I just finished high school, so if you want to play this evening that's OK for me...
    14. exotic
      I'm on showdown!
    15. exotic
      Dude we have to play! Im online for the next 5 hours.
    16. exotic
      When can you play for uu tourney? Only showdown for me.
    17. hilarious
      dont mind me on these forums i just act vicious and rude sometimes while defending my ideas. i highly recommend you use this calculator (it was made by a user here) http://honko.byethost8.com/ if you want to back up your posts in the future
    18. WhiteQueen
      im on showdown now if you wanna battle
    19. Mazz
      Well, the whole idea is to test them before they actually drop to UU lol. You're free to use a normal team, but that seems kinda lame really.
    20. TDL
    21. MrGatr
      YOU... Ur kewl
    22. Blim
      Yeah, just got internet access again. It'd be good if you knew a good private showdown server too.
    23. Blim
      Were paired up for r2 of the uber open. I'm gmt-6, when's a good day for us to play?
    24. Level 51
      Level 51
      I'm GMT +8 >.>

      I should be on about the same time as you on your Sunday night though (my Monday morning).
    25. badabing
      nvm lets get it XD
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    [19:10] +gr8astard: its a roll man
    [19:10] +gr8astard: the bigger sand chunks
    [19:10] +gr8astard: hit you


    Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 21)
    Student (Music Education)
    Real Name:
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Often lost in thought
    DP Friend Code:
    1111 1111 1111
    oh good we have one of these now. I can stuff lots of quotes here :)

    [18:27] <Joeypals> There's a problem with Murder
    [18:29] <&Nue> ... it kills people?
    [18:29] <&Nue> :p
    [18:29] <Joeypals> Never mind
    [18:29] <@Pride> People die when they are killed

    <forty_two_chocolate> bacon
    <forty_two_chocolate> has the same # of letters as scampy
    <forty_two_chocolate> except
    <Pride> ???
    <forty_two_chocolate> scampy has another letter

    [14:58:44] <@PMJ> so any of you homos have a ps3
    [14:58:52] <+Lenny> meeee

    [21:34:58] <Sasarai> lays are good
    [21:35:03] <Sasarai> they only cost a buck sixty during christmas here

    <dialga> how do u put internet on a ds?
    <scampy> you download it onto a floppy disc then insert it into the DS system
    <dialga> i already tried that

    [18:43:58] <&chaos> kenyan mail order brides
    [18:44:23] <&chaos> tagline: "if you get tired of the sex, at least you can win some sprinting medals"

    <@reyscarface> pdc
    <@reyscarface> highlight me once fucking more
    <@reyscarface> i already fucking told you i dont want to play
    <@reyscarface> holy fuck whats so fucking hard to understand

    [10:50:59 PM] Tanay: yo
    [10:51:01 PM] Tanay: one of my teachers
    [10:51:02 PM] Tanay: families
    [10:51:04 PM] Tanay: lives in this place
    [10:51:06 PM] Tanay: where theres just
    [10:51:07 PM] Tanay: white ppl
    [10:51:08 PM] Tanay: and then
    [10:51:31 PM] Tanay: like his niece
    [10:51:32 PM] Tanay: saw
    [10:51:35 PM] Tanay: a black dude
    [10:51:40 PM] Tanay: for the first time
    [10:51:48 PM] Tanay: and was asked the dude why he painted his face


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