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Dec 14, 2011
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November 25
    1. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      Yes, I'll be on then.
    2. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      Just logged in to that server. I'll be on it for about 30 minutes before I gotta run
    3. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      Same time Sunday works
    4. danilo
    5. SoulWind
      happy birthday man, have a nice day :)
    6. sandshrewz
      Happy Birthday Triangles! ~! :) Hope all's going well for you!
    7. tml
      happy birthday
    8. sandshrewz
    9. danilo
    10. meteor64
      y u no online :'(
    11. meteor64
      ADV+ is alive :) I just need to make a functional server and dish out the edited files and we should be good to go

      Belly Drum Miltank lfgi
    12. Breakspear
      Yo I'm GMT+13 and would prefer to play sometime this weekend, do you think you can make around 7.30am my time on Sunday?
    13. Redew
      Thanks, man. :)
    14. Redew
      No problem, man. :>

      edit: and thanks!
    15. sandshrewz
      /me pet Triangles
    16. meteor64
      Ok, I've been testing Pert on that team and its way better, it takes a lot of pressure off of Regi in terms of checking stuff which lets him do what he wants to do without having to worry about leaving yourself open to being wrecked by heavy physicals. Losing RS is pretty much a nonfactor, people have trouble just setting up Spikes and if they do it really hasn't mattered. I just 5-0ed a guy who used Cloy/Steelix/Gyara/Clops/Pert/Zap which should've been horrid for me. He even played well, double switching to get Gyara on Celebi multiple times and being conservative with Cloy to get 2 layers up instead of 1, etc. Only downside to Pert is WoW Gar, who will probably take a poke down and mangle another cause there is absolutely no check for it on there, but honestly for the most part Pert is better.
    17. Lavos
      i moved a bunch of shit around, added a steelix and junk.
    18. Lavos
      hey man i had a good time building that team with you today. i suck at adv metagame so it was nice to have someone to essentially build a team that's exactly to my liking for me xD now i don't have to ask m dragon for teams anymore! hope your neck feels better soon
    19. SilentRevolver
      let's just go to PO because I can at least connect to that.
    20. SilentRevolver
    21. SilentRevolver
      atq.zapto.org, like you said. Idk why it is being so fickle with me. I can only connect to the official server for some reason. :(
    22. SilentRevolver
      Could we possibly battle on the home server? I have tried everything I can to connect to the specific server but it keeps kicking me right away.
    23. SilentRevolver
      ok for some reason I can't connect. It goes to the server but DC's me right away.
    24. SilentRevolver
      you know what, I think I have the wrong Netbattle downloaded. The link in the forums here doesn't work so I google searched and found one but its extremely deserted. so idk what you want to do.
    25. SilentRevolver
      hey man i'm going on Netbattle now. Hope to see you soon!
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    November 25
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