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Dec 14, 2011
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November 25
    1. Gaff
      thanks! :D
    2. Pocket
      I have no experience with Lapras, so it's hard for me to make a call. It feels like an inferior Regice, imo.
    3. Lockeness
      Cool! I'm glad you're still interested in working on these analyses! I wouldn't give up on Lapras just yet though. There might be some players willing to give you some more advice if you ask them to.
    4. Lockeness
      Hey, are you planning on finishing up your Lapras analysis? I know you said you'd be out of town for a few days and I was wondering when you'd be back. It would be really cool to see another regular contributor to past gen C&C!
    5. Go10
      Im ready, come at FT.
    6. Go10
      come at french time when you're ready.
    7. Go10
      come at French Time when you're on.
    8. Go10
      Well i'm free most of the time around 8-11PM. Can play whenever you can during the WE.
    9. NatGeo
      i sub'd idiotfrommars over your opponent, so if you could contact him that would be great n_n
    10. Calm Pokemaster
      Calm Pokemaster
      I am currently GPing the RBY Chansey analysis, but I will gladly GP your analysis when I am done.
    11. Tamahome
      Nah bro, it's all good. As I said, contact me to check out your analyses whenever you want, it's my pleasure. ;)

      One last thing I forgot to mention, but you can still edit in the analysis is to add Metagross using EQ as c counter. Good job anyway, keep it up!
    12. Tamahome
      There are some stuff to change... check out what I posted and VM me back with the changed edited in so I can approve that.
    13. Tamahome
      Okay, but don't forget to mention that with 180 Speed you only outspeed CB Meta if they don't have Speed EVs, so you can add that with 136 EVs on Speed you'll pretty much outspeed any mixed-attacker Metagross.

      You're welcome, and feel free to VM me for any other analysis you update, I appreciate it.
    14. Tamahome
      Doesn't mean that you're gonna only try to hit Skarmory with Focus Punch... Here I gotta agree with gene: the reasons why you run 52 EVs on Speed are pretty poor. Weezing is not even a check and Tyranitar is not the kind of thing you need to outspeed, considering both are not even used anymore.

      It's w/e for me if you don't accept what I say, just keep in mind I think it's way much better a spread where you can outspeed Metagross and Skarmory(both mentioned in C&C section) than a spread you'll be doing nothing but waiting Skarmory to not attack you.
    15. Tamahome
      About the CB Mence's Brick Break, I'd rather not arguing and just let you to decide. I think it's worthy mentioning since it's useable with Magneton, but that's another story. XD
    16. Floppy
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