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Mar 22, 2012
Trophy Points:
    1. Limitless
      You never told me when you can battle.
    2. Limitless
      Once school starts on the 7th for me, I'll be available after 7 P.M. EST. On Wednesdays, though, I'll be available after 9 P.M. EST. Weekends I should be free, though.
    3. mkolpnji
      I'm gmt - 5, and do you want to do the battle sometime next week?
    4. MysticNova
      Alright, so 11:30 PM for me on Friday, and 9:30 AM for you on Saturday. And on PS! VM if any of this is incorrect or if you'll be on a different alt. Otherwise, thanks for choosing an excellent time and good luck :)
    5. MysticNova
      I am GMT -8, so I guess it just depends on how early or how late you can play. I can go on late, but if you can't play early then we'll just have to do it on Saturday or Sunday when I can play early.
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