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Dec 26, 2007
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Jul 6, 1993 (Age: 21)
    1. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Remember walre? lol
      1. twash
        lol ya, it was cool to keep stuff on. wish i got all the shit off before though, kinda dumb as hell of me :(
        Jul 23, 2013
      2. Kevin Garrett
        Kevin Garrett
        I just remembered it because I was pruning my old photobucket library and came across all those graphs we made to chart our progress each season. If you ever get bored during your summer vacation, just think it's a hell of a lot better than back then. lol
        Jul 23, 2013
    2. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      Really glad to hear you're doing well man! Are you traveling around the country or do you have international destinations on your mind?

      I have some places in both Europe and the US on my current hit list, so we'll see where I end up. Still working hard, yeah, but I have a better idea of what I'm working towards now. :)
    3. Blue Kirby
      Blue Kirby
      Have you gone and grown up on me for reals?

      Things are good man, planning on getting in some world travel in the coming months I think.

      You still partying/studying hard?
    4. Blue Kirby
    5. Conflict
      Yo we still gotta play for upl..... when are you free?
    6. Psychotic
      sup dude, we have 2 days to get our UPL game done. I am basically available at any time, I live in California, GMT -7. I will be online tomorrow after 6:00 PM, and hopefully Tuesday at 6:00 as well. Let me know if any other times work for you, I will also be on IRC a lot the next few days.
    7. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I'm working on a business. I don't have any big summer plans, but I'll probably end up doing something cool.
    8. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I look back on it from time to time. It's actually a good reminder to appreciate everything in the present. I was way too focused to think about anything else then lol

      Doing anything fun for summer?
    9. Iris
      but you aren't on grotto!!
    10. Iris
    11. B-Lulz

      are you going to vgc

      love blulz
    12. Kevin Garrett
    13. Nachos
      Was afk when you pm'd, wassup?
    14. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      The more important thing: What in good heavens is your avatar?
    15. WhiteQueen
      hi i will be online for the next 30 mins but then have to leave after that
    16. WhiteQueen
      nah it's all good! on weekdays, i have work so won't be home until around 6pm GMT-5. hope that isn't too late for you
    17. WhiteQueen
      hi can you battle today? i will be on grotto quite a bit
    18. WhiteQueen
      can play now if you like otherwise whenever. i'm online pretty often
    19. spawn yourself
      spawn yourself
      hey there! we drafted you for UPL, join #hazy when you get a chance thanks
    20. DawnBringer
    21. Tamahome
      I see you're bossin in ADV... guess we exchanged metagames! :)
    22. Hot N Cold
    23. HSA ♥
      HSA ♥
      am in school oO - I check smogon on my phone sometimes
    24. HSA ♥
      HSA ♥
      we gotta play for dpp fest - i'm gmt -5 so we'd probably best get this done on the weekend possibly around tour time if thats fine by you?
    25. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Let me know when you're touring this week. I'll see if I can be around.
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    Jul 6, 1993 (Age: 21)
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