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Dec 26, 2007
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    1. Tamahome
      you should show up a little more man, miss you loads! and you should totally add me on facebook hahaha
    2. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      What hole did you crawl out of? Hopefully nothing from Jimbo...
    3. Nachos
      You'll love this one, lost another one to make the trifecta.
    4. Nachos
      I just noticed that the BW2 team I've been using for the past few weeks has 22/24 attacking moves

      ci v2
    5. Tamahome
      hey bro it's been awhile..how's life?
    6. Intergalactic
      Bottas to Williams '13 please.
    7. Frozen UK
      Frozen UK
      Only driver not to crash this year. Congratz Kimi xD
    8. Intergalactic
      Oh my god I love you.
    9. Intergalactic
      He can win the championship.
      He can.
      He can do it.
    10. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Last Activity: Sep 8th, 2012 3:56:44 PM
      Current Activity: Viewing Forum Smogon Tour

      I can see how you found that site.
    11. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      I had to join the tour last night because they couldn't move to round 2 until they got one more person and literally no one else was around to sign up.
    12. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      The stuff from before turn 32 is what made that so funny though. lol
    13. cim
      are you still alive
    14. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Looks to me like you're missing Aromatherapy and Heal Bell to cover the PP of Toxic.
    15. Limitless
      Thanks man!
    16. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Blissey on Wailord
    17. B-Lulz
      twash i always knew you were gay, thanks for proving my point with the avatar, you sausage gobbler
    18. Nachos
      Black Prince Charles
    19. Nachos
      I was going to respond with the spinning Demelza gif, until I saw that I posted it on your wall only last month. So instead you can have this:
    20. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      That's a great website. We have gone through that before reminiscing about the old times.

      2 things that stand out the most are the old profile formats. Remember going into user notes? The other thing is seeing the last people on your profile from years ago.

      Look at the one group I made that was deleted soon after. Appeal to have Jimbo's name changed. lol
    21. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      I like Scissor Sisters but this song is one of my favourites of this group.

      Let's Have A Kiki is too fun :)
    22. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Couldn't make Wailord seem good by being the only one to get a kill.
    23. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      You left out the part where Nidoqueen didn't KO Jirachi. ;)
    24. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      [4:47pm] Kevin_Garrett: oh i used my rmt then
      [4:47pm] twash: idk i just remember bringing it because i thought you would stall
      [4:47pm] Kevin_Garrett: lol what a scrub
      [4:47pm] twash: and you posted like
      [4:47pm] Kevin_Garrett: cant believe i did that
      [4:48pm] twash: rofl

      [4:55pm] twash: hahahaha
      [4:55pm] twash: i was so pissed when you wouldnt shut up about sunny day
      [4:55pm] twash: all this work to throw it away with sunny day wtf

      [5:11pm] twash: also im quite angry, i hate online shopping. every time i like something its like "out of stock: XS S M L in stock: XL", if only i was like jimbo
    25. Kevin Garrett
      Kevin Garrett
      Because I have 6 Curse boosts. What are you going to do now?
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