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Feb 1, 2011
May 28, 2010
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Feb 1, 2011
    1. capefeather

      I'm looking at your visitor messages, and I have to say, the reaction to your post should probably be explained further, because the trolling just isn't funny anymore. The thing is, you have some frighteningly common misconceptions about contributing and requesting contributions. Couple that with a similar post made around the same time that you posted (the last post is highly recommended reading) and you can see why people got angry. It's unfortunate that you don't understand the current RNG guide, but your request was vague with specific demands in all the wrong places. This is frustrating for ANYBODY trying to fulfill your needs because you were unhelpful and even sounded a bit pretentious.
    2. VKCA
      hey man I saw what the smogon admins did.
      Want to start an anti smogon campaign to get back at these forty year old anal retentive mods?
      (we would probably have to do it on serebii or mariland or something, but we could get abunch of people from serebii or mariland to make smogon accounts and we could troll them.)
    3. Venser
      Yeah, and in that thread, an admin was demodded and left for defending you. so yeah.
    4. Venser
    5. StealthX
    6. StealthX
    7. Ultima
      Ok. Meet you on there
    8. StealthX
      Yes, it's a lvl 100 battle. Your pokemon will atomaticaly (spelling?) become lvl 100
    9. StealthX
      Well, I think we're doing either lvl 100, or lvl 50 battle (It would change your pokemon's level to the correct one)
    10. StealthX
      Wait, can you battle now? (Or do you need time to prepare?)
    11. StealthX
      Well, I'm not really sure of an exact time. I will probably be on most of tomorrow though, so it shouldn't be hard to catch each other online.
    12. StealthX
      I'm not sure.... Maybe tomorrow morning? (Saturday. "Morning" would be in PST time)
    13. StealthX
      Hi there! I saw that we're matched for the tournament. I won't be about to battle during the week, but I'll be available friday through sunday. Will those days be good for you?
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    Friend Codes: HG- 2536 6759 1223
    I may start an EV Training thread, so keep on the look out!
    Working on RNGing. I've restarted HG because I wanted to redo everything all over again (Johto is so nostalgic...) and will attempt to RNG after I complete the Hall of Fame.


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    2536 6759 1223
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