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Apr 22, 2013
Mar 15, 2013
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Apr 22, 2013
    1. Gary2346
      If you don't get on by tonight Magcargo will take the win
    2. Magcargo
      We need to battle now.
    3. Magcargo
      I'll battle you in two to 3 hours.
    4. Magcargo
      I can battle tomorrow night, or maybe the day after.
      My username is metang4OU
    5. Magcargo
      What is your showdown name?
    6. Gary2346
      Tournament Bracket is posted in the Tournament HUB thread. First round begins tomorrow. Spend the rest of the day contacting your opponent and planning a date to battle. You have from March 25 - March 29 to finish your battle. Good luck!
    7. False Sense
      False Sense
      Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that the Smogon Creators Organization is currently hosting sign ups for our first ever tournament! If you're interested in participating, sign up before the deadline of March 25th!
    8. False Sense
      False Sense
      So, you're interested in joining the Smogon Creators Organization? Do you think you could give me a few details about your competitive experience and why you want to join?
    9. Arcticblast
      Hey, welcome to Smogon! I'm an official Smogon Mentor and a moderator on Pokemon Showdown as well as the Other Metagames forum here. You seem to have gotten off on a pretty good start, so congrats on that!
    10. Gotenks4star
      Welcome to the fight club. Care for a wifi match
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