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May 4, 2011
Jul 23, 2010
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    1. Jayu
      do you want to pick up your prize
    2. Diabolico
      It's okay. And you're welcome. ^^
    3. Diabolico
      3610 5204 2626
    4. Diabolico
      okay, just give a minute. what's your fc?
    5. Diabolico
      I should be online today. So if you're avaiable, just send me a vm. ^^
    6. Diabolico
    7. Diabolico
      Umm... upduck.

      I have waiting for you to send me a vm to let me know when you're ready to get the giratina from me for 5 days, and you still haven't send me a message.

      Do you still want the giratina?

      I can't give it to you until I get back to my home at Tennessee Sunday or Monday.
    8. Upduck
      hey, you won 3 mons from lOlpO's giveaway
      vm me back what mons you want and your fc, thanks
    10. Sheik9311
      No worries, I'm not in a big hurry for the Yanma anyway. I might be free Monday-Thursday, probably at around 3 or so, Eastern time.
    11. Diabolico
      Would you like to trad now?
    12. Sheik9311
      Hey, it's been awhile but I still haven't gotten the Yanma from that giveaway awhile ago. VM as soon as possible, please.
    13. Diabolico
      I talk to scalgon and he told that you want the giratina. I'll be glad to give it.
      And... the reason why you can't contact me is because I set my control panel to only allow the moderators and the people on my friendlist to contact me. All you have to do is add me to your friendlist and you'll be able to get a hold of me. ^^
    14. Diabolico
      Did you need to talk to me?
    15. Lord Scalgon
      Lord Scalgon
      Really? I didn't have problems PMing or VMing him. I'll inform him that you're looking for him.
    16. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      All set, see you in there
    17. Shining Kestral
      Shining Kestral
      Yeah, you won. :) I have time to trade now.
    18. elroid
      Can i receive the Yanma from the giveaway earlier now?
    19. Indragon
      Hey, sorry I'm a bit late, but you can still trade that Yanma, right?
    20. Renosaur
      UPDUCK! I'm online now, is it okay if I get my shiny yanma now please?
    21. Renosaur
      Hey Upduck, just reminding you that I yet to receive
      1x Shiny Yanma
      From muffinhead's Shiny Yanma giveaway. I've been quite busy and I haven't been able to contact you. Thanks!
    22. Scizor33
      Hey! :D
      You won Lux`s Riolu. Sorry for beeing so late, but now It`s done. My FC is 1677 7959 0907. Contact me when you are ready, give me your FC and tell me when you can trade.
    23. pharoh001x
      hey , think i can pick up the poke now? if not another time, thanks
    24. Klutch
      Thanks for the Yanma!
    25. Klutch
      Yup, I've been waiting on WiFi. I added your Pearl FC; I hope that's the right one.
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    Everybody is an idiot. Some people hide it better than others.

    AR Codes: Clone and x999 Rare Candies
    Only fair to warn.

    Thanks to DanielG for the sick avatar!


    I'm in front of a computer, like everyone else her
    Real Name:
    As if you need to know.
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    3997 1180 6916
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    2450 8140 8150
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