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  • I think Manaphy is method 1 because it's a gift. Sorry, but I don't remember stuff like that. I always look things up before an RNG project, even if I did it before. Most everything you need to find is on the first page of the help thread.

    To get it shiny, you must use the SID and OT of a second game. Then you trade the egg to the second game, where it will hatch shiny. It cannot ever hatch shiny on the game that receives the egg. There's a code to stop it, but the code doesn't work on a second game that receives the egg from the first. All shiny manaphy must have link trade in the description for this reason, but it will still be treated as a hack on GTS and for wifi battle recording, despite that it was gotten legitimately in the game.
    You should be in the grass. All movement, turning or going forward, advances the frames. Edit: In the grass.
    Pretty much everything for getting on delays and advancing frames is the same. The big difference is encounter slots. For every frame that has your target IVs, there is an encounter slot corresponding with a pokemon for the area you are in. It may not be the pokemon you want, so you have to check every frame where the IVs repeat until you find the right frame with the right encounter slot (right click the frame to see the encounter slot). Use sweet scent on a bicycle. You should stop two in front of your target frame instead of one. If you walk in grass, you will advance the frames as well, so hold still and use sweet scent (in HGSS).
    That's great news and thank you for confirming the frame advancement that occurs when the day changes. I wonder if 3 frames will hold true for every game cartridge. If I ever have a day change RNG to do, at least I'll be prepared.
    Let me know how it goes. Hope you get it first try this time. They're a pain in the butt to RNG, but worth it.
    Actually, thank you. Your experience with a day change is very useful RNG info. :-)
    I've always avoided change of the day RNG times, but haven't had trouble on catches for change of any other hour. You could be on to something here. Let me know how it turns out. You could try a different RNG time that avoids a change of day, too.
    The second post of the help thread has a hidden section with advice on how to do the roamers. It doesn't say anything about Lance advancing the frames. I didn't use the RadioSeed program for my Roamer RNG, since it reported incorrect delays to me. But I did use the radio to advance.

    Be careful how you advance the radio. Always start with your radio saved in the very centre. The first hit on Pokemon Search Party button counts as one, but then you drag to the side of the circle, never the centre of the circle. Dragging back to the centre is touchy. You could get an extra frame advancement if you do it wrong, but dragging to the circumference is more stable. On the last push of the Pokemon Search Party button, do not drag to the side again. Leave the station alone and go straight to talking to Lance.
    I believe that post 2 on the help thread says something about the red Gyarados's IVs being generated the same as with chained shinies and doesn't give much help for how to get beyond this problem. I haven't successfully captured the red Gyarados that belongs to the game story, though I could capture a shiny gyarados that isn't part of the game story. Sorry I couldn't be of help.
    Glad you got it. :-)

    Yeah, I'll add that stuff in eventually. I added a bit the other day.
    Oh, and when you get to one before your target, you leave the Pokegear and step into the circle of your choice, say yes to Cynthia, watch the show and wait for your pokemon to arrive in your party.
    Sorry, I wasn't actually at the desk this last hour.

    You should save inside the centre of the circle (be aware that once you are saved there, you have no choice but to finish your RNG project because you can't leave until you choose a pokemon). You use Method 1. Then you do the same steps as with a standing legendary, except you have exactly one frame to hit. Make sure you have a low frame to hit, because you can't use the radio to advance, only Elm or Joey.
    Congrats! :-)

    Which other legendaries do you have loose still? Not sure which game you're on, but there's either Groudon or Kyogre.
    PID: 3fe7bd34 (TIMID, ability 0) 30/25/31/30/24/30 (Seed: df160818 Method 1: 116, J (synch): 99, J (no synch): 107, K (synch): 103, K (no synch): None) HP FLYING 48

    The delay is 2062 for this, but the target frame with a synch is 103.
    Oh, and I meant delays, search delays 1000 to 1500. Sorry.

    The seeds I gave you started the search at 500 (for delays).
    All right. Good luck. :-)

    Just in case you're still confused 8a070573 is K (with synch): 638 first target frame. There may be more. Also, it's possible to get a lower frame for this. You have to start your frame search at frame 1000 and go to frame 1500. If that shows up with a crappy frame (worse), then you try the search at frame 1500 and end at 2000, and so on. You may find a frame much lower with this spread.
    Seed Seed: 8a0902ae is crap for method K, but ok if you want a method 1 poke with taht spread, not that it's better.
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