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May 4, 2016
Nov 9, 2007
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Houston, TX


red eyes no visine, from Houston, TX

is a Team Rater Alumnus
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May 4, 2016
    1. Rugaji
      lol nerdy white boy, those were the days. best days was TD and everything ahead. that's when I learned to EV train and IV breed like a nerd ass nigga, too. shit now I RNG everything, gonna start playing again when I feel bored as hell. PS3 is boring, but not gonna sell it because good game's are coming out soon.
    2. Rugaji
      yo I haven't signed in about 2 weeks and a half. yo you remember that clan made by Gregorio (insert number here)? YO LOL that was my debut in terms of all you niggas, lol @ jimmy, errbody was cool. I still have slasher on xbox, I removed moises and that acy psyduck nigga because they act too childish and so fucking annoying.
    3. GothicTsukiyomi
      Hey it's me you told me I should Join and Add you
    4. Rugaji
      good and bad times in TB rofl. Yeah, I stopped pkmn around 9th or 10th but started getting back into it soon after, but then got bored of it again after BW. I stopped trading to as a side hobby while doing my work and stuff, but that got boring too.

      so just really starting 2nd semester of college, moving on and hoping to find a job soon. man lol @ back in the day, shit was "wild."
    5. Rugaji
      chillin' really, college, life, pokemon (somewhat,) etc. It's been a while, da hell you been?
    6. Rugaji
      sup bruh
    7. Blink_gram
      Hell yeah 3Ball's the shit.
    8. Nosferalto
      we should be modding sports arena no?

      I'll nominate you and you nominate me

      we shouldnt let those fucking nerds mod a manly forum like this one
    9. Stathakis
      congrats on da tr alum badge!
    10. Stathakis
      hombreee, how ya been? I've been gone for a hella long time which is why we haven't talked, but like... wassup

      and btw, I get my drivers license soon so that whole meeting up thing will become much more possible in a month or two!
    11. Fishy
      oh venom!
    12. VKCA
      Hold on,
    13. pokeMONstar
      Hey, you seem like a really good rater. I added some changes to my thread, and I would love for you to check it again and see what I have changed.

      PS. I am considering giving you credits to my thread already! ;)
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    Houston, TX
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    Money over everything
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    Likes to fight
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    6969 6969 6969
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