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Jan 1, 2014
Jun 19, 2010
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November 13
Las Vegas, NV


from Las Vegas, NV

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Jan 1, 2014
    1. FlygonRuler
      Thanks. You too.
    2. FlygonRuler
      I'm not sure what's wrong. It doesn't usually do this. Is it your wifi?
    3. fuck you all
      fuck you all
      Sorry I wasn't on. My internet stopped working for bit... You want to schedule another time?
    4. fuck you all
      fuck you all
      Sounds good. I'll go on in an hour.
    5. fuck you all
      fuck you all
      Also, your sig is hilarious.
    6. fuck you all
      fuck you all
      Sure. I'm pretty new to Ubers, too. Anytime works for me.
    7. Deschain
      hey man, i don't really have any B/W pokemon, and ever since my thread got deleted here (*sniffle*), i've been pretty depressed when it comes to pokemon. :\
    8. RockinX
      I wouldn't say that. You just need some experience with stuff. I'm guessing you had that mentality before we even started battling, because you were just about to give me the win if it disconnected again, and you shouldn't do that.

      Just keep battling, you'll see you can make good use of a strategy.

      A tip: You may not want to use Stored Power if it's your only attacking move. Its base power depends heavily on the amount of boosts it has, and chances are you may not get a chance to set it up very often in such an offensive metagame.
    9. RockinX
      Oh yeah, that freaky flying thing scared me when I saw it do its job.
    10. RockinX
      GG, though I think you should have brought Gastrodon sooner.

      Can't say I'm not happy with my Tiburona.
    11. Venusaur
    12. RockinX
      Let's repeat our moves. We weren't far into the battle.
    13. rexxsix
      no yer good I enjoyed seeing some originality :)
    14. Deschain
      yup got White, beat the main story and had a blast.

      now i'm trying to acquire a few competativ mons to try out my first crack at the 5th Gen metagame, but no one wants to trade for anything but 5th Gen right now it seems. ;)

      i might have to learn the RNG myself or something! horror of horrors!
    15. Danny
      Good game.
    16. Link973
      gg im shocked that galade outsped my arcaine mine is max speed and was using extreamspeed goodgame
    17. ray423
      If you still need help with the evolutions let me know I would be glad to help you. It would also help me complete my platinum pokedex seen/caught goal.
    18. Muk
      oh ok - the only problem with that for me is that desmume runs super slow on my computer, lol (videos recorded from it still play fine though). I know I could just record it with desmume's built in thing, play it in media player, then record it with camstudio from there. Do you know how to get no$gba to properly reads pokemon game save files though (instead of saying "the ROM image has crashed" when you press continue)? That's the only one I've found that works fine on my computer.
    19. Muk
      Hey, I saw your youtube channel and was wondering - how do you record only the top screen during battle videos (assuming you play the battle videos on a ds emu)?
    20. Folgorio
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    21. Geotor
      GG.That Crit on Mr.Mime mattered but whatever. D: I should've set up a Calm Mind first.
    22. Geotor
      Lol. Why do you say that?
    23. Heartgold
      whats happening is beyond me :S
    24. Heartgold
      hmm my game froze
    25. Poketronz
      gg to you too
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    I don't have strategy, I pull wins out of my ass. Half the time I battle, I'm not even paying attention.


    November 13
    Las Vegas, NV
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    Eric J.
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