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May 2, 2013
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formerly ballislife

is a Pre-Contributor

Had a great time on this site. Adios. Oct 2, 2016

    1. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      aye, there is the famed specs hyd + sdef cele + skarm core.
    2. Gary2346
      I never took over agility Lucario lol.
    3. Nutrix
      Since the Tangrowth analysis hasn't been fully written up yet or given its final QC approval stamp, it's too early to GP check it; you should check back after its been moved to "copyediting."
    4. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone

      75% of my groups were invitations. 23% are the ones I joined for free. 2% I either own or just for fun
    5. Gary2346
      Not right now. Why?
    6. Gary2346
      Makes since.
    7. Gary2346
      That idea that you're talking about with False sounds great! If you choose to do it, please send both False and I a preview of it, so we can see what is looks like before you release it. Only one stipulation for making this thread: False and I have a lot of control over what you decide to post on the thread. If we say to post a certain update, then you MUST do it. For example, if I say to update the group on the current tournament that we're doing, and you choose not to, then we will delete the thread and give the reins to someone else. If you choose to accept these terms, then you may create it.
    8. False Sense
      False Sense
      An Article thread?

      Could you give me some more details about what this would be?
    9. False Sense
      False Sense
      "So, if we let you into the group, would you be an active contributor? We want members who will actively participate in group discussions and projects."

    10. False Sense
      False Sense
      ...How did you know I was going to ask that next...?

      Well, you sound like you'd make a nice addition to the group. Welcome to the Smogon Creators Organization. : )

      If you'd like to introduce yourself to the rest of the group, or if you have any questions regarding the group you'd like to ask, you can do both in the Introduction thread. Also, please read through the group rules before posting.
    11. False Sense
      False Sense
      Interesting. So, how experienced would you say you are in OU? Would you consider yourself knowledgeable?
    12. False Sense
      False Sense
      So, you're interested in joining the Smogon Creators Organization? Could you tell me a little about yourself, your experiences on Smogon and why you want to join?
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