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Sep 8, 2012
Sep 16, 2011
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Sep 8, 2012
    1. Galladiator
      Your match with EndQuote is finally ready.
    2. Galladiator
      Your match is ready for you when you get the time.
    3. typon77
      Your match vs waterwarrior is up here!
    4. EndQuote
      Our match is up, mate. Good luck :)
    5. The Royal Guard
      The Royal Guard
      Fights up

      And welcome to ASB!
    6. Terrador
      Something I reckon you (and every member of ASB, to be frank) should know is how to get onto CAP ASB's iRC (internet relay chat) channel. The easiest method is as follows:

      1) Type "Mibbit" in your web browser, and search
      2) Under the first option you see (Mibbit chat network), you should see a link to Mibbit.com Webchat Client; if not, try entering http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/ into your Web browser.
      3) You'll see Connect, Mibbit [webirc] around the center of the page, with a scroll-down list of servers. Select SynIRC.
      4) Type in a name of some sort (preferably VFXCross, so we can recognize you) in the Nick box
      5) Type #capasb in the Channel box
      6) Click Connect
      7) If all goes well, you should enter a chat called #capasb, usually with 10 to 25 people in it.

      It's really cool - the community is great, and you can learn anything you need to know there.
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