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Mar 18, 2014
Jul 15, 2010
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Natal, Brazil
    1. gr8astard
      Yeah man I was also surprised, it's only max spA, max speed, timid with 4 HP EVs... I'm guessing your happiness gets lowered cuz you store it in the box for too long??
    2. tikidude
      OK dude, here's the REAL BP #1:
      Shellder (shiny)
      Nickname: Bombshell
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Naive
      Ability: Skill Link
      IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 (perfect)
      Egg Moves: Icicle Spear/Rock Blast/Rapid Spin
      Let me know if this one is OK! :D
    3. frogoholic101
      I'll be off by then, it'll be about ten at night and I have school tomorrow. I'll be sure to get you over the weekend.
    4. frogoholic101
      Ok, I'll get it on 5th Gen as soon as I can.
    5. Impact
      Thanks a whole lot :)
      I added your credits
    6. tikidude
      Oh yeah, forgot about that. xD Hmm...can you RNG on 4th gen then?
    7. tikidude
      OK dude, here is BP #1:
      Pineco (non-shiny)
      Nickname: Ironhide
      Nature: Relaxed
      Ability: Sturdy
      IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0
      Egg Moves: Stealth Rock
      I'll let you know the other 2 once this is done. Thanks in advance!!! :D
    8. soul_survivor
      ok :D, and thanks once again.
    9. soul_survivor
      Hey are you available to trade?
    10. soul_survivor
      Volt absorb, and can I pick up the larvitars the same time I get chinchou?
    11. soul_survivor
      ooh wrong nature haha its modest, and im using it in vgc so it cant be cloned via pokecheck. Though if you cant do it, its perfectly fine.
    12. soul_survivor
      Hey vulgo sorry to bug you,but can you do this along with the 2 larvitars:

      eggmoves:none(or whatever you want)
      shinyness:if possible yes

      I've been meaning to ask you for this, but always forgot haha.
    13. Impact
      Hey Vulgo, I would like to thank you once again for the BPs you did for me. They really did help me do well at vgcs :)
    14. tikidude
      Thanks a lot bro!!! I'm almost done deciding on what BPs I want. I'll post them within the next few days. :P
    15. tikidude
      OK man. :)
    16. tikidude
    17. tikidude
      Are you free now? :P
    18. tikidude
      Hey dude, sorry I missed you. I went to get donuts before you responded. Would you like to trade now? If so, nn it R2-P2 please. :)
    19. tikidude
      Hey Vulgo, I just noticed that the porygon that you traded me had a gift ribbon on it. Does that mean that it's illegal for VGC use?
    20. soul_survivor
      not needed, but thats up to you of course.
    21. soul_survivor
      Well as I sad their both the same pokemon, but have different iv spreads(also this cant be cloned via pokecheck mainly because I don't wanna bug you 2 seconds before vgc to have you breed another. so AR clone only), and once again thanks in advance:

      ability:non-dw one.(i forget)
      iv's:flawless with 0 speed iv's(or 1,2 or 3)
      shiny:if possible yes

      ability:same as above
      shiny:if possible yes
    22. soul_survivor
      Well with vgc season ending til next one I was wondering if you can 2 breeds of pretty much the same pokemon that I'm planning to use for vgc 2012.(im already itching for next season haha, and I wanna get a headstart)
    23. Sardiini777
      are you there?
    24. soul_survivor
      Well Vulgo I'd like to say thanks for each, and every breed you have done for me, and well especially your last two.(toxicroak who would become my most used pokemon, and politoed who supported the whole team). Without them a 5-1 record would've never been accomplishable. ^_^
    25. BattleStar
      Dear Team Rocket Corporation member Vulgo,

      We would like to know why you have been inactive.

      We have many activities and things to participate that go on here in the Team Rocket Corporation; such as the Make-A-Move game, the Who's that Pokemon game, and our weekly newsletter The Modern Grunt, which is a very interesting and you can write for it yourself. Team Rocket Corporation offers on the competitive side as well. We are very into battles and hold Tournies and Giveaways. PO and Wi-Fi are both used in our group. We also have an excellent cafe that offers a mix of familiar food and drink items and items that are hand-sprited specifically for the cafe. It also functions as a spam room.

      We request you become more active because we do not want to boot you, but will if we have to.

      Sincerely, the Team Rocket Corporation Headquarters

      Team Rocket Corporation
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