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Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
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Nov 10, 2012
    1. dice
      Hiiii bubbly. ~~~
    2. dice
      Are you bubbly trying to troll
    3. PDC
      yeah stop now please
    4. Gary
      Dude you have to be careful about being banned unless your purposely trolling. Don't want a banned IP :/ Hopefully this post can alleviate your questions and concerns.

      I can see that all your posts are complaining about the meta game being over centralized. In some sense, I can agree with you. Genesect is 50% in usage ATM, however he is most likely getting a suspect test soon. Until then find a special wall with T-Wave to cripple that bad boy from out speeding anything with a Choice Scarf, or Heatran because he's the best counter for Gene. Next was your concern for the use of Volt-Turn. Volt-Turn has died down a bit, so I don't see why your complaining about it. Entry hazards stop Volt-Turners in their tracks. Also, Landorus resists both moves, so try him on a team.

      Weather is something that is impossible to stop. You just have to build your team around it. There are plenty of Rain counters out there, but some of the best are Ferrothorn, Kingdra, Breloom, and Amoonguss. Sun counters are a lot easier, Heatran being another great counter.

      Lastly, Choice items are common, but why are they so bad for the meta game? They lock you into one move, and they are very easy to get around and predict. Genesect is a very prominent scarfer, but is quite easy to predict with his move set being known by half of the community.

      To answer your question yes the meta game is somewhat over centralized, but at the same time, I feel there will be things implemented in the future that may help this. Genesect's suspect test will determine a lot, and possibly Deo-D and Tornadus-T as well.

      Hope this answers some of your concerns, if you have anymore questions or concerns, just post a VM on my wall. Thanks for your time.
    5. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum
      you know whats at
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