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Wi-Fi Battler
Last Activity:
Aug 9, 2010
Jul 9, 2010
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Wi-Fi Battler

Wi-Fi Battler was last seen:
Aug 9, 2010
    1. DR4G0Nx

      you are blacklisted
    2. JoshuaMunoz
      Hi u suck, k bye :/
    3. sundy
      im in the room but i says your on standby
    4. Chicou_s
      why did you d/c???
    5. Tristen
      k so whyd you d/c?? this isnt the first time, you d/cd on someone else so tell me why I shouldnt report you?
    6. Tristen
      and you better not d/c... idk I just have a feeling you may.... ><
    7. Tristen
      dude you coming online??
    8. mangos
      I want my win. Sorry, but that was almost an hour long match and I was going to win... and then you dc on the ASSUMPTION that I had a hacked pokemon??!! look... breloom almost has 400 in attack using high base attack moves with stab. Anything not resisting it (which was the case for you) is in trouble. I won't try and blacklist you because you seem like a nice person (haven't seen complaints about you before) but can I please get my win??
    9. mangos
      uhhh I don't understand that but I think you're saying that it has an attack of 500?? but it doesnt.... it's a naughty breloom with 31 in attack IV and 252 ev's invested into it. it has an attack of 394... don't just assume that just because it did as much as it was doing...
    10. mangos
      how is it "cheat?" thats how brel is supposed to work. If you can't handle it then too bad, you don't dc... also you can't call it "cheat" cause I followed the sleep clause (if the spores were what were bothering you...)
    11. mangos
      dude did you just dc!??!
    12. Danny
      Good game. If only those fire blasts didnt miss =p
    13. Lester
      In effetti pensavo anche io che togliesse qualcosa in più,considerando che non è stabbato e Toge ha più difesa che difesa speciale....(questa è l'ambiguità anche)
    14. Lester
      Comunque si è legit al 100% se vuoi sapere le distribuzioni delle Evs te lo dico perchè in effetti sono un pò ambigue.
      Lotta carina però,salvo qualche piccolo colpetto d'hax (Flinch on Jira,miss di Leech seed,CH su dos e i miei flinch di toge xD )
    15. Wi-Fi Battler
      Wi-Fi Battler
      si sono italiano
    16. Lester
      aspetta un momento,sei italiano?
    17. Wi-Fi Battler
      Wi-Fi Battler
      wifi problems
      non possiamo collegarci quando fa cosi continua a saltare la connessione
    18. Socko
      what happened ? the game was laggy the whole time
    19. Socko
      try check my friend code
    20. Socko
      so am i . i dont see you
    21. Milf_Hunter
      When you Taunted I thought it was a BulkyDDancer...and those are generally outsped by defensive starmie.
      What's the Ev spread for your Gyarados?
    22. Milf_Hunter
      Hey dude, there's no way your gyara can be faster than my starmie.
      Could you please let me see it?
    23. Milf_Hunter
      I'll be there in a few sec, sorry for the wait =)
    24. Neox
      good game, hate that stall....
    25. indcolts56
      Very good game.
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