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Jan 18, 2016
May 14, 2009
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A place


from A place

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Jan 18, 2016
    1. Exarius
      Hi! We were paired up in R2 of Fuk Dragon, when would it fit you to battle? For me it would be late next week/week after that (School, need to rebuild the team, etc). I am also GMT +2, if it matters.
    2. Megan_Fox
      its me lol
    3. Neil Patrick Harris
      Neil Patrick Harris
      Hey dude, not to be creepy but you want to NU or UU battle sometime? I don't care if you post it on youtube or not. I just want to battle you. :3
    4. andrew94
      Heyy want to battle?
    5. NoahS
      I was going to explode on that Gyrados.. but oh well.
      I gues GG.
    6. reachzero
      I do have Skype, my username is glitchwrench
    7. reachzero
      Hi, I'm elated to see that you've been assigned to me for Battling101 in UU! Do you have IRC yet? If not, that would be a great first step to take in terms of staying in touch!
    8. Ozzieboy
      I thought machamp was going to be choice banded, which made me lose my late-game sweeper, DAM. i brought the wrong breloom as well, it didnt even have focus punch.
    9. BlakBlastoise
      Monday might be better. I told everyone I would not upload new videos until my most recent one got 20 comments, and my latest one is stuck at 18...
    10. BlakBlastoise
      I can have mine up in a couple of hours, or would you rather have me wait so we can post on the same day?
    11. BlakBlastoise
      My last was a Breloom. I don't mind if you recorded it. I'll only post if you post though.
      Oh and check out this damage calc: Damage Per Hit: 204 - 240 my machamp had 236 HP, so you did close to max with fire blast.
    12. BlakBlastoise
      Looks like we're 1-1 in our little hax fest.
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    HG: 0818 2950 1606
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    I use legal hacks, if anyone cares.

    My youtube channel, check it out.


    Home page:
    A place
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    2020 2299 7892
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