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Last Activity:
Oct 18, 2015
Jun 14, 2010
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      ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪
    2. Navy
      Check out the P.R. pic i made for our group!
    3. Mountain Dewgong
      Mountain Dewgong

      It's clampy <3
    4. Forte.EXE
      I don't really have much to say in terms of changing your team. I ran a team very similar to it (Gliscor, Azelf, Gyarados, and Metagross), and you have everything down to damn near perfection. The biggest change I could suggest is using a Mesprit / Cresselia as your Dual Screen support, because they have access to Healing Wish / Lunar Dance, which can give Gliscor another chance to set-up and pass.

      Other than that, I have no advice. Very nice presentation as well. Definitely a good read and, eventually, I'll probably end up nominating your team for the RMT archive. Depends on how far you go on the ladder ;)
    5. Navy
      Haha! Talking about Baseball, i'm a baseball player myself. Just finished my Varsity season not to long ago, now playing Summer ball up here in New Jersey ;P

      And it was cool meeting you. We don't have as many Rican's around here, is nice to see we can represent our country soon in a tour or something ;D

      Btw Mizuno is probably our best Puerto Rican battler so check him out when you can!
    6. Wob_Marley
      I know it man, perfect genes for a baseball player =p. I've been around about 2 years or so. Decided to get more involved here since I have some free time. Nice meeting another brown guy like myself! Check out my RMT if you got time broham.
    7. Navy
      Damn! you got some shit on you then! Jajajaja

      Is all good doe bro, you still my dude. And nah!, we never met before you just recently signed up on Smogon?!
    8. Navy
      Another RICAN SMOGONITE!!

      Waddup my brotha?!
    9. Wob_Marley
      Leave nothing up for translation, as mama used to say.
    10. Alchemator
      Haha you can't really go far wrong, your descriptions for your team are by far big enough.
    11. Alchemator
      Yo wobz, what's happening?
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    Shoddy Alts: -Wob Marley- wobosabe
    Check out my RMT: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76897

    Feel free to message me for a OU/UU rate.


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    Sittin' on the dock of the bay, watchin' the tides
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