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Jan 17, 2017 at 4:22 PM
Jul 7, 2009
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VGC 2016 Masters Champion
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Jan 17, 2017 at 4:22 PM
    1. PrinzessinTimTim
      Hey we have to play VGC Round 1. I was told that you are in Isreal and that we should play between the 10-12th, is this okay? And by the way, I am from Germany, that you know that we have to look for a good time for both of us.
    2. Drud
      grats :)
    3. DragonWhale
    4. GreenGogoatttt
      Congrats :]]]]
    5. DaAwesomeDude1
    6. kamikaze
      Grats on winning worlds! Enjoy the Banner and I would love to see you come and try out Doubles OU a little more as well!
    7. manodelrey
      Congrats on winning worlds man
    8. Level 51
      Level 51
      Congrats on winning Worlds dude, and thanks for signing my DS too :3 Hope you come back for more DOU tournaments some time, it's great having you around!
    9. tjdaas
      Yo, when do you want to play for doubles ou seasonals r2 losers bracket ? I'm gmt+2 and I prefer to play on the weekends!
    10. qsns
      shaian got banned for being a clown but he assured me he'd still play in the tour. he should be contacting you over twitter and if he doesnt soon lmk so i can sub him out
    11. Huston
      Didn't know you played DOU Wolfe :)
      1. Wolfey
        I don't!
        Jun 7, 2016
      2. Huston
        I'm honestly surprised you're even going to play your matches in this
        Jun 7, 2016
    12. LucarioHonk
    13. Ravi
      That sounds pretty impressive lol, congrats on your 2nd place! :D
    14. Ravi
      Thanks, just changed it, did you save any of your battles? :D
    15. V17
      Congratulations on making the final! Crit happens, and you can still be threepeat national champ! xD
    16. Blaze123
      Great job man hope you do well next year!!!
    17. LPFan
    18. Nightblade7000
      "Who are you again?" :D
    19. Ravix
      Did you end up using that specs dinosaur?
    20. LudiImpact
      Congrats Mr. 2x National Champion! Good Luck at Worlds!
    21. Ravix
      What a bro.
    22. Drifblim
      During our match, I guess my shaky wifi caught up to me and I was told there was a communication error, not the standard one given by disconnecters but the one from someone's wifi bumming out. Obviously, I knew you would not do it at that point becuse the game was a good whiles away from ending. You have my most sincere word, I did not purposefully disconnect from that game. The error still exists on my part, for attempting to use unreliable wifi. Anything I can do to help you out in this matter or others possibly related, would be more then owed to you at this point.
    23. Drifblim
      Oh lord, let me explain.

      I am not at my own house, at a friend's resolving some computer issues. While he was working on my computer, I decided to play some games on the tournament. The wifi was awfully shaky, as I soon realized, because a similar thing happened in another previous game. However, I kept playing as I was not all that worried about it, I stopped tyring to place well in the thing shortly after it started, but I still refrained from disconnecting against anybody but known disconnecters that were reported in the forum thread. Obviously, this does not include you, I had no idea I was playing against anybody on here.
    24. Drifblim
      My sincere apologies, but I don't know what you are talking about. I really don't know what you are talking about, but if you can explain it to me a bit better I can try to provide you with an actual answer. Please get back to me as soon as you can so we can try to resolve this, I will do all in my power to help
    25. Alphabet123
      Dillon was here.
      Wolfe sux.
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