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Jan 17, 2017 at 4:22 PM
Jul 7, 2009
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VGC 2016 Masters Champion
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Jan 17, 2017 at 4:22 PM
    1. Dozz
      Add me up. Adam Dorricott is what you want to search, then I can tag your smiling face in the back of them all.
    2. Dozz
      Awh, I was gonna add them all at the bottom, but I was jetlagged, and just rounded it off. They're all on facebook though, your happy smiling face in all of them.
    3. andrea
      Definitely! Probs see you at DC/Newark/Nationals etc next year. =)
    4. andrea
      I'm super sorry I missed your request in my trade thread. (Just saw it now when I was updating things.) =[ I wasn't active at all up until I got on the plane for San Diego- congrats on your top 8 finish! <3
    5. Dozz
      I'm typing up my warstory on the plane right now, and they're all going in there. You look so happy in all of them.
    6. Dozz
      Yeah, I did. That's some pretty pro photobombing though. I think it adds depth to them myself.
    7. Str0ngbad
      I can get you a flight gem if you're around right now and still need it.
    8. JRank
      Yeah it's Flame Body, sure you can have it
    9. Sapphire Birch
      Sapphire Birch
      Congrats on being so good :D win worlds
    10. Shiny Regice
      Shiny Regice
      Hey super gratz on the win today! Idk if you remember battling me (IceKingz) on PO a bunch but you were that guy who I'd battle everytime I clicked find battle =P When I heard your name today then saw Cofagrigus and Scrafty my jaw dropped cause I remember battling you specifically haha. Either way great job today!!
    11. Teddiursa Bear
    12. SkyNet
    13. SkyNet
      champ battle pl0x! =D
    14. Cybertron
      Yeah I'm up for that 3rd battle see you on
    15. Cybertron
      Yeah, sorry about that lol

      I think the RS miss at the end was more important though, idk if it would have killed/flinched but may have put me in Mach Punch range for you to KO me anyways. GG though.

      I'll battle again, just give me a few minutes to quickly do something. Thanks.
    16. Cybertron
      Good game man, sorry about the ability activating twice :(
    17. Cybertron
      4770 8637 3125 is mine. I'll be on soon, gl hf!
    18. Cybertron
    19. Buckert
      Alrighty. :) Make sure you post your FC and that you are on Wi-Fi when you VM me. Let me know. :)
    20. Buckert
      Lol, now I was having dinner lol. Back on Smogon now, what is your FC?
    21. Buckert
      Sure, add my Pearl FC and get on with a crap Poké, I'll be there soon. Don't let me wait please. I'll get on once I got your FC.
    22. iambaney
      Aw, thanks for the thanks! At your current success rate, I'll be waiting for my Thundurus to show up on the big screen at Worlds in August. :D
    23. iambaney
      Best of luck at Nationals. I hope that Thundurus works out for you!
    24. iambaney
      I'll meet you on wifi as soon as I enter your FC.
    25. SkyNet
      I work from 8am-5pm on weekdays though
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