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Jul 12, 2016
Jul 7, 2009
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Jul 12, 2016
    1. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      its because for this * Most of the time I don't remember who I got the pokémon from, so I probably don't have redistribution rights for them.* but i can send you some of my own pokes how many can you ev?

      my rate of my own pokes is 2:1 and you can keep a copy of the poke that you ev( only aplly if the poke have my ot)
    2. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      sorry you need references for train with me =[
    3. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      nop all my pokes are ev'd i need others pokes i'll vm do you have refrecenses?
    4. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      hi thanks for reply in my thread i''l vm you soon (do you have references?) and can you delete your post in my thread? thanks
    5. DarkChaos (HCZ)
      DarkChaos (HCZ)
      I made an error on my giveaway.
      The shiny aipom or weavile you have now will not have technician when it evolve or shiny sneasel isnt jolly. please just vm me to trade. Please keep the other aipom or sneasel as an apology.
      Please vm me back.
    6. Johan57Santana
      hey what are you Lf that donphan i got a evd Nasty Plot Togekiss and Nz Jirachi
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