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Aug 3, 2011
Jun 30, 2011
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Aug 3, 2011
    1. iDeath
      If you are available to receive rubixlx0's giveaway Clamperl, let me know
    2. Victini
      I would like them in 4G if possible.
    3. Victini
      sorry i missed your post. i'm interested in:

      Shiny Raikou (Timid)
      HP - Ice
      IV's: 30/14/30/31/31/31

      Shiny Yanma (Modest)
      HP - Ground
      Ability: Speed Boost
      IV's: 30/31/31/30/30/31

      Shiny Articuno (Modest)
      HP - Ground
      IV's: 30/31/31/30/30/31

      VM me when you can trade.
    4. V4Victini
      Sorry I couldnt get yu the Virizion non time :(
      I am very dissapointed
    5. V4Victini
      If you can be on at 12:30 PM EST tomorrow then I will give you the Virizion myself. Your distributor went MIA for a while so I couldnt get him the Virizion. He had a good reason though.
    6. V4Victini
      Thats kool. I'll try my best to get it to you ASAP.
    7. TheMourningKing
      No problem and thank you for your help. And yes Rotom is UT so do with it what you will. Both that and the wobbuffet (when I post it) have semi-redis rights. So if you ever decide to open a trade thread as long as you give credit to the person who made them (in both cases that is me) and list it as non-redis you can trade it.
    8. TheMourningKing
      Excellent when this is done, I will immediately go into wifi for Gen V to give you your Rotom.
    9. TheMourningKing
      Yeah I know, that's how I clone in Gen V. The only reason I am going through this process is that I do not have myself set up for gen IV just yet, and would like to keep a copy of the Wobbuffet on HG so I can shadow tag latias when I abuse for that.
    10. TheMourningKing
      Just one. It can be one on 4th gen, one 5th or 2 (clone + original) going back to gen 4. Which ever route is faster.
    11. TheMourningKing
      Ah, no worries at all. I will fix that up and be right in.
    12. TheMourningKing
      You do remember that in gen IV the wifi connection is in the basement of the pokemon center? The upstairs/ground level in HG is union room.
    13. TheMourningKing
      I have been in the wifi club (gen IV) for a while now and you have yet to pop up. I even reconnected a few times to ensure I wasn't glitching (going so far as to double and triple check that I inputted your Friend code correctly).
    14. TheMourningKing
      alright I'll be right on.
    15. TheMourningKing
      excellent, if you would just send me your gen IV, and I will add your listed gen V code when you are ready for that part.
    16. TheMourningKing
      I am in Eastern Time Zone (GMT - 4 accounting for Daylight time). I am leaving before 7:00 this evening.
    17. TheMourningKing
      I'd prefer to wait then. I have plans tonight and do not have a schedule for return. Considering my hectic schedule I would prefer to do everything in one go, if you do not mind.
    18. TheMourningKing
      Yes I am still here, I can trade now. If it is easier you can just send both the clone and the copy back to gen IV and you can just give me some trash pokemon in gen V for the Rotom, I believe it was the shining one you wanted. Whatever works for you though as long as at least one is left on my Gen IV game.

      My HG F/C is 4426 3887 7780 while my Black friend code is located in my signature.
    19. TheMourningKing
      That is fine, I am in no rush.
    20. TheMourningKing
      As long as at least one copy remains for my gen IV game I am okay with that. (I have plans to make use of shadow tag for a remaining project in Gen IV.)
    21. TheMourningKing
      Saw your post if, you are still willing to help that would be great. Wobbufft is Gen IV while the Rotom you wanted was gen V is that acceptable?
    22. Mauibuilt
      I can try. i have yet to receive the virizion to clone from my buddy yet.
    23. biaj
      i have flawless brave ditto 0 speed only prob is low sp atk
    24. Cereza
      my fc is on my profile ..I'll be waiting for you. Gen 5
    25. Cereza
      yup ^-^
      do you need on gen4 or 5 ?
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