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Apr 9, 2013
Aug 25, 2012
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Apr 9, 2013
    1. ginganinja
      goodbye bro
    2. ginganinja
      do you still want an IP ban
    3. ginganinja
      im not -_-
    4. ginganinja
      Reply to Birkals PM please so he can give me sexual favors
    5. ginganinja
    6. ginganinja
    7. ginganinja
      Snow Cloak is irrelevant because its not being suspected. If it was a suspect, then yes, you could comment on it, however Aldaron (member of the OU suspect council) stated its not being suspected because hail teams are much less common than Sand teams, ergo, Snow Cloak has much less of an effect on the metagame, than Sand Veil.

      I am not discussing this with you, I am telling you, your post is not getting undeleted as it was not relevant to the thread. Please refrain from asking for it to be undeleted, as its getting rather annoying and its not going to happen.
    8. ginganinja
      It discussed Snow Cloak and was deleted. Period. If you want, you can make a new post talking about Sand Veil (if you bring Snow Cloak again it will be deleted) and still discuss what you wanted to discuss, just don't bring up Snow Cloak since its not at all relevant to the thread.
    9. ginganinja
      I did go see it. Your post discussed Snow Cloak, and it was deleted since it was not relevant to the Sand Veil Discussion as shown in This post
    10. Woodchuck
    11. Woodchuck
      Don't worry, I unbanned you almost immediately.
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