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Jul 26, 2014 at 3:57 AM
Jun 11, 2010
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yan[sogeking] was last seen:
Jul 26, 2014 at 3:57 AM
    1. Jirachee
      we can play in an hour if you want
    2. .Robert
    3. .Robert
      Song of Wind y/y
    4. Jirachee
      Uh I can't play now I'm on my phone at school. I can play Thursday after 2PM or during the weekend, otherwise I'm pretty busy
    5. aim
      ill be asleep in 6 hours haha but ill be on 2m at the time u mentioned :x
    6. Windsong
    7. ssbbm
      i m gmt -5 how about friday after 5pm?
    8. Marth
      we can play on wednesday saturday or sunday or later in the evening GMT times like 8pm + on any other day your call on that
    9. Valentine
      het lets play for SPL

      im gmt -7
    10. Cristal
      Me se case ;_;
    11. Level 51
      Level 51
      Hey, I noticed your VM on Zarel's wall. Just pointing out that the text version records it as a crit: [hide=Turns 19-20]Start of turn 19
      Haru replaced Freia with Delta (level 100 Porygon2).
      Pointed rocks dug into Delta.
      [IMG] 374 → 328
      Delta traced Ditto's Rough Skin!
      Delta's ability became Rough Skin!
      Koga”'s Ditto used Outrage
      Delta lost 102 HP (27%).
      [IMG] 328 → 226
      Ditto was hurt by Delta's Rough Skin.
      [IMG] 300 → 263

      Start of turn 20
      Koga”'s Ditto used Outrage
      It's a critical hit! Delta lost 226 HP (60%).
      [IMG] 226 → 0
      Delta fainted!
      Ditto is confused!
      Delta was trying to use Ice Beam.
      Haru replaced Delta with Galaxy (level 100 Starmie).
      Pointed rocks dug into Galaxy.
      [IMG] 128 → 96[/hide]
    12. Zarel
      Sorry, I don't know. You'd have to ask the pokecheck authors.
    13. MarceloDK
      da time ;_;
    14. SoulWind
      im on find me in irc, in #spl
    15. SoulWind
      not on sunday, but i have to wake up damn early
    16. SoulWind
      6 hours of difference. latest i can start the game is 9 gmt +1 (3pm gmt -5) in both days cause school and that its late here
    17. SoulWind
      na not likely
    18. SoulWind
      i cant play at 3 am when i have to get up at 7 am lol. just better do it in the weekend, we even have less timezone differene
    19. locopoke
      ill look it up
    20. Ojama
      i thought you had to go by wednesday... I'll try to be there tonight but I'd like to play on tuesday if possible. If not, lets play at 7pm gmt-2 then
    21. McMeghan
      s\n >:'|
    22. ZoroDark
      er sure, I'm on right now, and i'll stay on for an hour or so i think
      EDIT: OK in other words :P
    23. ZoroDark
      i'm on right now!
    24. ZoroDark
      Oh damn, it IS -6. Sorry for that, but yeah that should work fine. It might be a little bit later, but i'll come on in 3hours from this post on Showdown.
    25. ZoroDark
      Didn't I tell you my GMT was -6? Well anyway, it was 8 PM last night, I'm on right now and will be for a ton of time as well.
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