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Aug 25, 2017
Jan 3, 2010
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August 9
    1. Vlisa
      Woo just got home, I'm there if yah need me.
    2. Vlisa
      I've never personally used IRC, but I can't imagine it is diffulcult to use. In any case I'm glad to use IRC. Any idea what times would work best for you? :) Also, thanks for subbing as a tutor, I was fully expecting to wait till round 73!
    3. Harsha
      hey yee, would you like to give a shot at tutoring Vlisa? Vlisa had a tutor who had to go inactive, and is now without a tutor, so since you're willing to try tutoring again, this would be a good opportunity!
    4. CrashinBoomBang
      hey we gotta play for superstars at some point, my schedule is pretty flexible this weekend so give me a time and i'll probably make it unless it's like ridiculously late/early

      I'm GMT +2
    5. coR.
      hey dude, we have to play for the VGC 31 tour R2, so let me know when you are available to play. im -6 gmt btw
    6. NixHex
      We gotta talk regarding the chaos thread. Saturday morning work fir you? I'll be on from like 8am to 2pm PST.
    7. Pocket
      yee, may you check Swamp-Rocket's OU Tangrowth revamp - you seem to know a lot about tangrowth ;0
    8. Ojama
      wanna play now for superstars ?
    9. Lady Bug
      Lady Bug
      i'll be on before today's tour, so that should be fine.
    10. Vaz
      Hi. We got paired for the DPP tournament. I live in GMT+11. I can make myself available from anytime between 10am - 10pm my time.
    11. BKC
      goin to school cant maybe later
    12. Taylor
      hey man, wanna play for superstars?
    13. Lightchu
      Ok, i will try being in #spl
    14. BattleStar
      I really like the thread you recently made. I have been thinking if making one similar but am glad you did it. Hopefully it won't just be people posting photos of kicking themselves xD
    15. Stratos
      "If someone counted all of the uses of Iron Head in any Gen 4 battle I would jump if it flinched less than 70% of the time."

      this includes the times where jirachi moves second u.u fuck rachi
    16. Leftiez
      Hi yee, you want play for superstars now ?
    17. Jayde
      Home Field Tour, we are playing UBERS

      give me a good time etc
    18. AB2
      hi, can we play sometime this weekend? I'm gmt -5
    19. Finchinator
      UU + Weekend = Good
      Mind if we do it on Grotto?
      PS lags really bad for me, usually.
      If not, no big deal =X
    20. Dubby
      Well yeah I mean if you don't then the highest record you can finish is 3-5, it's completely up to you but if you want any chance at the playoffs you'll want to play all those games.
    21. Finchinator
      Hey, apparently you've been dubbed into my bracket, for The Home-field Advantage Tournament.
      You're home (Week 6, Bracket D) so you can pick the tier (BW OU, BW UU, or BW Über - other tiers may be proposed but, can be rejected by the away player.)
      I'm able to play nearly all of the OUs and all of the main three tiers so, selecting a tier won't be a problem.
      Anyway, I am GMT -5. I am available, on and off, from 5pm to 10pm on weekdays.
      All day over the weekend.
      Reply ASAP, so we can get this done. Best of luck =X
    22. Dubby
      Hey I have subbed you in my tournament Home Field Advantage for Lucs99 in Group D. Lucs is 0-5 but all 5 losses were activity losses, and if you read post #279 in the thread, you will see that you can make up all of those activity losses.
    23. Ojama
      yo wanna play now ?
    24. Ojama
      when would you like to play ?
    25. doughboy
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