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Nov 28, 2015 at 2:58 AM
May 8, 2009
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January 7
    1. makiri
      Happy Birthday!!
    2. apologies
      where do you live
    3. Leona
      Yeti!! Heyyyy yeah life's great atm :) how are you lovely? miss you <3
    4. versailles
      eyea, talk 2mrw guh <33333333333333333
    5. versailles
      it wouldn't surprise me if they just put smiledog in one of their comics at one point

      "WAHAHAHA what is that even is the DOG .. thats justs great briliant"
    6. versailles
    7. versailles

      i forgot that existed
    8. versailles
      got you on my

    9. UncleSam
      What the hell is that avatar?
    10. makiri
      Oh you're so devious, breaking into soccer fields. My dad is actually coming out tomorrow morning, I talked to him last night, and I guess I should know reasonably soon when I'm going back home (which hopefully is also soon), then we can do that mafia and stuff. Shame the fish don't die, I was kinda hoping to go back to a fish tank with a couple floaters, oh well. Have fun at camp, see ya soon hopefully!
    11. makiri
      =[ that's a common theme to my vms, glad you had fun in LA, what sort of stuff did you do while you were down there?

      NY is ok, but it is starting to wear thin on me and I really want to go home, been here for 2 months almost now and it has been just really monotonous and just overly boring, Katya could probably tell you how fed up I am lol. And it doesn't help my dad has been a total dick about me going home. Hopefully I can go soon and can finally be on irc more and stuff.

      I clicked the help thing, I hope it worked, I even have my own aquarium now, though I'm sure I'll ignore it.
    12. makiri
      Hey so how was LA and all that?
    13. makiri
    14. WishboneKid
      Hi there. Any chance you'd like to vgc style battle me?
    15. Oberon
      hey sorry if this sounds rude, I'm curious what you lost to at your vgc?
    16. Rysta
      Tell me when you want to pick up the kyogre, I'm not very active anymore because I've pretty much quit, but I still log on for a few minutes like every day.
    17. Larko
      Hey can i change my order and have a rematch for fun?
    18. Larko
      Getting on
    19. Larko
      looks like we're paired up in the VGC legends awakened. messege me when you come online and well battle when you're ready. Gl HF
    20. LoveDensity
      I think you are alright
    21. Cybertron
      Want to battle now?
    22. Lexi
      Good looking out girl (Y) I've never even seen that dude before lol
    23. Cybertron
      We're opponents for the 2010 VGC tourney, when do you want to play? :)
    24. LoveDensity
      well your "saying" has cause me serious offense. You think I am just creeping, it may look like that, but thats not my intention. I dont intend to go get myself a internet girlfriend or e-girlfriend. I am just looking to get to know more different people in the smogon community. Go ask some smogon girls that I have gotten to know better like Jumpluff and katya (two girls that are actually open to the smogon public) if you want a detailed summary about me (yea, i dont think you would).

      And please, if I should ever back off from someone, they have to tell that to me themselves, not a third-party. I have great respect other people's space. If they show great distress, then I'll go away.

      In this case, I should just get away from your space, and I hope that you would get away from mine as well.
    25. LoveDensity
      do you seriously think i am trolling? I just want to get to know more people. I may have trolled with scantra a little bit, but that doesn't mean I would troll other people just as worst. Girls do not open up to the Smogon community very often, why can't i just go out there and meet them? Do I always want to talk to guys all the fucking time in Smogon? Not really. I like diversity, I am not settling for just males, females, whites, blacks, asians, hispanic, w/e. I live in San Francisco and its a very liberal city and I embrace diversity. I hate when things are stagnant. Get to know me more if actually wanna shit like that please. I can definitely get girls irl, but now is getting to know girls online bad? Seriously, you took my conversation with Lexi the wrong way.

      I am sorry though, I don't want to ruin your day. Just please dont ruin mine.
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    3DS/Y FC: 4656 6829 8881
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    January 7
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    Thoroughly cunning
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