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Nov 18, 2009
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I feel a little bit, like, I'm the Braveheart of creativity., from Connecticut

is a Pre-Contributoris a World Cup of Pokemon defending champion

lol Jul 5, 2014

    1. panamaxis
      golden sun is gonna pull a smurf don't retain him!!!
    2. Snunch
      Whats the cryos irc chat so I know where to join next time im on
    3. Prevent
      lost my old acc, and just got back into battling. You still play?
    4. Prevent
      all i get is hello
    5. Prevent
      yoooooo it's IcU noob.
    6. Ojama
      nice avatar
    7. bro fist
      bro fist
      good avatar taste
    8. eaglesrock
      cuz i suck LOL
    9. eaglesrock
      gimme gud team plz
    10. eaglesrock
      i see you beastin. neva gonna be like me doe.
    11. eaglesrock
    12. Stone_Cold
      lmao, he is br0
    13. asterat
      Tomorrow night, around 10:00 EST?
      Or day after same time
      Or anytime 10-2 on friday
    14. franky
      haha my boy post came clutch good win east
    15. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey, just letting you know I can't get on Friday night your time anymore. So it's going to have to be Saturday night, sorry.
    16. 199 Lives
      199 Lives
      Hey man we need to get this match done. I'm not available to much this week, but I can be on all Thursday GMT+10. So if you can play anytime then that would be good.
    17. Snunch
      man this made me laugh so much. smogon suck too much for me to get on irc though. im gonna drink a little and see if its a more appealing option then. no promises.
    18. Darkaxis
      point taken.

      I guess I must have forgotten.
    19. Darkaxis
      I knew that >.>

      I never referenced her as a Lady tbh, and if I did it was before I knew..
    20. gookie
      I really hope they take the time to develop the characters but i don't really follow all the wild speculation that a lot of the fandom spits.

      i was thinking about amon surviving the blast but i heard from others that it was established that he definitely died (not that i held much hope of him returning)

      with the arrival of bumi / general iroh v2 but the war against amon over (i have low hopes for any no. 2 coming to the surface due to the defacing of amon) i figure some sort of adventure arc will surface, and that's exactly what we need. some time to develop characters and relationships.

      plotwise avatar has always been effortless in execution and i really hope my faith is not misplaced in this department.

      i'm exciiiiiiiiiiiiited

      i hope you've read the promise pt. 1 and pt. 2 because those are some faithful continuations if i ever saw one
    21. gookie
      if you feel as strongly as i do about the last airbender then we should definitely be friends
    22. -Manu-
      Yes me too it was just for if you want contacting me
    23. -Manu-
      Hey ! We have to play for the BWOU2 tournament I'm GMT +2 and I'm always on PO French Time server
    24. Snunch
      I miss you guys. Sometimes I try to concoct excuses to sign on again but then I read an IS thread or something and decide not to.
    25. Snunch
      do you not find this hilarious?
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