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Last Activity:
Feb 5, 2011
Nov 7, 2010
Trophy Points:
    1. christos21
      lol..Ok if this has happened it's ok.My time zone is gmt+2.What's yours?I ask this because i am not sure if i'll be able tommorow.
    2. christos21
      Show up and give back the pokemon.I'll report you if you won't have given back the poke until February 17.
    3. christos21
      Tell when you are free to give me back the pokes.
    4. christos21
      I'll be able to trade from 21:00 until 24:00 my time(gmt +2) if you have finished.Pm me which 2 you want.
    5. christos21
      take four at the moment.i'll pm you which
    6. Jio
      Alright I can't wait anymore. I'll be back in an hour
    7. Jio
      are you coming?
    8. Jio
      2451 0018 4792

      I'm online
    9. Jio
      what's your FC
    10. Zari
      heading on now :)
    11. Zari
      yep; what fc should I add for you? (use the one in my sig)
    12. Zari
      I did manage to get the quick links up and running, so that should prove useful :D
    13. Zari
      pretty good; I've still been really busy with Christmas stuff, so I haven't had time to reply to CMTs (will probably start on them tomorrow @_@)

      Gonna restart one of my diamond carts when I get the chance so I can get a shiny lonely hp fire darkrai :3
    14. Zari
      I will add you to pendings then ^_^
    15. Zari
      it was a blast, and yes I'd be happy to do that trade--you only need to tell me which porygon you want :P (shiny celadon game corner one or bred one)

      the trade will have to wait until the weekend however when I have more free time though :/
    16. Zari
      Give me a moment to go check your trade offer @_@ (Only just got back from buying Christmas presents :P)

      It is for wants, and it might be for your offer; I'll vm you again with my reply in just a sec :)
    17. Zari
      I will, but I need to finish setting up (I'm doing the quick links right now)
    18. A__
      I dont' need anything in return. My FC is in my sig
    19. A__
      I need your FC
    20. A__
      Did you want a timid shiny Charizard?
    21. A__
      OK, I'm done. Did you want it EVed, because I'm going to be EVing it right now.
    22. A__
      Ok, give me half and hour. I should have it ready by then. Timid HP Electric ok with you?
    23. A__
      No, I don't. I could breed one. It shouldn't be very hard. I'd give it to you.
    24. A__
      Sorry for not answering earlier. No, I'm not interested in the trade. Perhaps another time. Thanks for the interest though.
    25. ray423
      Adding a luvdisc means to look at the top of any thread you are in and you will see a luvdisc and the words "like this" click that and it will give you the option of giving the thread a luvdisc. I am sorry I have to agree with diabolico that is funny.
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