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Oct 7, 2011
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Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 20)
shine ∞


GANONBOARF, Male, 20, from shine ∞

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    1. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      shit nig we need custom titles so we can fill them with nothing but MGK :D
    2. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      goin HAM boiii

      look at this nigga, he's just so weak
      must be on some rhianna shit, since he's so easy to beat
      has nothing on my swag because he's never been on the streets
      I'm like a blind kid in the mlg, I never see defeat

      Can't quell my rhymes cause I go off like a light switch
      Hit you with that hypnosis, call it a night, bitch
      started as a hobby, but they began to buy my shit
      nobody in the world can prevent me from gettin rich
      side to side comparison, looks like I'm in the better sitch
      nigga you a firecrotch, call that shit a fever pitch
    3. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      we should have
      a rap

      quieres batalhar?
    4. shnen
      Wanna? Go with me for the most uber tourney ever?
    5. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      oh thank god. Yeah I couldn't play today actually. Plans went all crazy and stuff.
      Monday works then I guess. :)
    6. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Oh hey! Suddenly I can play today. My friend cancelled on me :/ so suddenly Pokemon is possible. I'll log on around 4 pm like I originally planned (my time) if that's alright with you? :)
    7. Living So Zambian
    8. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      working on it nerd
    9. Windsong
      yeah, sorry it's been taking so long, i'm at my grandparents with p limited internet atm. =s
    10. November Blue
      November Blue
      Mmmkay. I was going off Steamroll's post. I saw yours, but didn't think you had taken it.
    11. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Ugh. Let's try for Saturday instead. Tomorrow is too complex. Same time if possible?
    12. Steamroll
      smeargle can't beat missingno!
    13. Steamroll
      ARGH. Whatever, I know NU better than RU lol
    14. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Excellent. Want to try to play at some point tomorrow? I'm able to try like 4 pm my time/5 pm your time?
    15. Endorfins
      It seems the NU QC is pretty overloaded but could you please take a look at Drifblim and Muk?
    16. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Honestly I'm free anytime. I can battle tomorrow, once I've made my team, at any time you deem worthy of Pokemon. I'm GMT-5, in case that's necessary.
    17. Komodo
      I got permission to take over that analysis about a week ago, so I had it on my mental list of things to do anyways >.<
    18. Foster
      can you play now?
    19. waterwarrior
      It was the Rainbow Dash "deal with it"
      Nothing innapropriate
    20. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      use Nigrowth and Jirachi also I quit dis bs pkmn
    21. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      you don't actually think it's broken, do you lol
    22. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      OU? D:
      Honestly there's no fun in playing OU once reqs got abolished ngl.
    23. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      bs nigga u get #1 in every tier >_<
    24. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      teach me how to pkmn
    25. Fireworks
      I'm not from PC.
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    going to start working on a series of videos for learning competitive pokemon!
    if you have any questions or anything you'd like me to try to cover, please let me know :O


    Jul 2, 1994 (Age: 20)
    shine ∞
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    4682 8478 6049
    caught forever on paper torn tethered,
    time sends its regards from pictures that never saw
    the light of day.

    just tucked in a box and hoarded away
    so that eyes could never gaze upon faces of old.

    memories that i had longed to hold.

    so hold me now,
    that i am not strong enough to hold myself.
    i am old enough now to know better than to bare my cross alone.
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