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Oct 22, 2016 at 5:18 AM
Mar 15, 2010
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the http zone


formerly mzenken, Female, from the http zone

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Viewing thread US Election 2016, Oct 22, 2016 at 5:18 AM
    1. CaptKirby
      /superold but I am curious, what problems did you have with the MAL community? the irc chat was very unfriendly to me for sure, that was when I stopped trying!
    2. voodoo pimp
      voodoo pimp
      How does 5 pm EST work for you?
    3. voodoo pimp
      voodoo pimp
      All right, once it gets closer we'll work out a more specific time.
    4. voodoo pimp
      voodoo pimp
      Sorry I was offline for a few days, when are you up for the battle for the Eevee tournament? I can do pretty much any time Tuesday or Friday, but I could probably fit it in another day if that would work better for you.
    5. McMeghan
      idk about you but i totally forgot to play that week-end...
      i'm ready whenever you want and i'm also always on IRC #pokemon if you want to meet me there
    6. tikidude
      You are amazing! ^_^ Thank you!
    7. McMeghan
    8. McMeghan
      friday/saturday/sunday, i'm always on IRC if you use it btw
    9. tikidude
      Thank you very much mzenken! =D If you would like something in return, I could send you a list of my Pokemon. Is there any chance you could do a few more projects for me? Also, what are the redistribution rights on Bluchu and Balls?
    10. tikidude
      Alright, cool! Please use my BW friend code.
    11. tikidude
      Hello mzenken, would you like to schedule a time to trade?
    12. Mercy
      Hey please start a defense vs Killah this week in League C!
    13. tikidude
      Hey! Would it be alright if we traded now?
    14. tikidude
      Hello! I'm terribly sorry that I have not contacted you until now. I have been very busy. =/ Would you like to attempt to trade me those Pokemon tonight? Please use the nicknames that I gave you if possible!
    15. tikidude
      Yes I would. =)
      Marill: Bluchu
      Chinchou: Balls
    16. tikidude
      Oh, excellent! =D Would it be possible for you to nickname them for me?
    17. tikidude
    18. tikidude
    19. tikidude
      I would prefer that Marill is flawless. I know it seems a bit unnecessary, but if I ever learn to RNG myself, it would be nice to have Pokemon with good breeding stats. If it ends up being too much of a hassle, do not worry about it though.
    20. tikidude
      OK, that sounds great! I am currently trying to get my rain team in-game. The Pokemon that I still need are Marill, Chinchou, Pineco, and Dratini. I have put the specifics for Marill and Chinchou in the hide tag. They are more important than the others, so it would be awesome if you started with them. Also, could you please nickname them for me? I give all of my mons nicknames. xD

      [hide]Marill (non-shiny)
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Huge Power
      Nature: Adamant
      IVs: flawless
      Egg Moves: Aqua Jet

      Chinchou (non-shiny)
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Volt Absorb
      Nature: Calm
      IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/31
    21. tikidude
      First of all, thank you so much for responding! There are several things I need. Could you perhaps give me an estimate of how many you could do? That would make it much easier for me to prioritize. =P
    22. FlareBlitz
      It's pretty bad, especially on a calm mind set. Calm mind boosts special defense anyway, so you should go with physically defensive.
    23. Shinryu
      Well none of us really did iirc, the Pokemon players on NB and such. I'm sure the more "casual" crowd did, but you could tell the difference between hardcore and casual back then.
    24. Shinryu
      Lol that was sooo long ago...I want to say around 2006 or so Nsider officially ended discussion of it on the forums since it was basically acknowledging (to me anyways) that their Pokemon support sucked and gray-area sims were the only good thing for competitive battling. The server kinda carried on for another few years after, we banded together and had another forum where a lot of us migrated to, but like most fan forums it died out.
    25. Eternal
      I've been waiting for you to send in your team. Anyways, we'll probably have to play some time this Wednesday. I'm busy with finals.
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