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Zephyr nl
Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2011
Jul 14, 2010
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Zephyr nl

from Netherlands

Zephyr nl was last seen:
Jul 13, 2011
    1. Garchomper16
      kk, can I ask this:will it be within a week?
    2. Garchomper16
      dude, can I get the pokemon to EV or at least cash the cred for the Angel Arcum Machamp?
    3. BarrelRoll
      Hey, are you still available for that trade? I can hop on right now.
    4. Shinyshuckle
      Yeah, meet me online
    5. BarrelRoll
      Hey, did you want to complete that trade now?

      Timid Celebi <---> Your Gliscor
    6. Garchomper16
      I C U on wi-fi, can you trade me the pokemon to be EVd and the arcum machamp?
    7. Garchomper16
      ok, I would like to cash in my credit, the angel Arcum machamp that I EVd, I really would like that within the next week and a half if you pls (I am entering a tourney and though it would make a great lead)
    8. Garchomper16
      R U ready to trade tonight? Pls @ least tell me how many days you wanna wait if not.
    9. Garchomper16
      Um, ok, do you want them EVd or can I just get one XD

      Also, please tell me when you can trade, but Id really like to get started soon.
    10. Garchomper16
      dude, Il be away most of the day, PLEASE VM me back so we can arrange a trade time.
    11. Garchomper16
      hey, are you ready to trade yet? I am getting home from "vaccation" in about 4 hours.
    12. Eppie
    13. Garchomper16
      hey, Im ready.

      Are the scizors redis for me?

      Can I clone a UT, and the two spreads? (and clone more of mine)

      and, just trade me 1 scyther and Il clone it to do the spreads.

    14. Garchomper16
      Im ready to trade now, PM me when ur ready :)
    15. Garchomper16
      sry, I had to eat din-din XD

      ok, so I get 1 UT, 1 of each set?

      WOW, this is a great, offer, will get these done ASAP (2 days hopefully)

      BTW, nice new Av, but the sarcophogus is my fav XD
    16. Eppie
      Shinyness is determined by your ID/SID combination, I have over 3.000 different ID/SID combinations without 1 decent one for Jolly.

      This is 3th Gen however, as you can ''RNG'' your OT/SID in 4th.
    17. Eppie
      Hah, good luck getting a shiny OT/SID combo for Jolly nature in 3th gen.
    18. Garchomper16
      ok, I understand, VM me when ready, though it will be in the afternoon (est)

      Um, can I keep a clone of each (UT, set 1, set 2) or should I just pick one of those (as I would just EV it again anyway so... XD)
    19. Eppie
      My thread > Bold Chansey IMO ;D
    20. Garchomper16
      Oh, and sorry for the double VM, what are the scythers IVs?
    21. Garchomper16
      ok, this is rahter funny as I was just thinking of trying to get a good IV scizor XD U just saved me a boatload of trouble.

      ok, so I get 2 credits (4 pokemon EVd) and a clone.

      Can you trade now?
    22. Eppie
      People asked me if I changed my name and started a fully redis thread >.< xD
    23. Garchomper16
      Alright, I understand non-redis.

      Alright, I dont wanna screw this up now that Im in your good books XD

      I EV:
      (2 different spreads on) scyther

      I clone the scyther (how many do you want?) and I get to keep a clone of each (assuming they are different pokemon)

      is that good?
    24. Garchomper16
      ok, 2-1 is still fair.
      OK, for cloning, are we saying I get a copy and you get 2 clones and the original?
    25. Eppie
      Yea, it's creepy, freaking creepy actually.
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    Only use HG if is say so.


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